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Implementing 3 New Social Media Platforms for Business

Inbound Marketing

Whether they're a flash-in-the-pan or not, staying on top of the latest social media trends has become a near obsession for digital marketers today. With an increasing number of ways to interact with people, it’s important to recognize rising applications and social platforms to employ for your business’ success. Here, we've explained 3 rising stars in the social media marketplace (and they all happen to be free).


Released in July 2012, Vine is Twitter’s six-second video app. This new platform is quickly gaining followers and earned the number one spot in Apple’s U.S. App Store in April, and now remains in the top 10 consistently. Vine is pretty simple- either hold down the button for a 6-second shot, or release the button to just make a clip of your 6-second allotment.

How can I use Vine for my Business?

We've listed Vine first for a good reason- it’s turning into an excellent app for marketing some types of businesses. Take this example- a real estate agent takes a 6 second Vine of a new property and posts it onto their Facebook or Twitter. Because of the low time commitment, users are much more likely to glance over the video, thereby increasing the viewership over other marketing efforts. This “product demonstration” can be applied to many other businesses. Some other uses for Vine would be giving your brand a personality with quick office clips, announcing discounts or sales, or marketing a special promotion. Want more examples? Check out this Hubspot Vine blog post.


Snapchat is a pretty simple concept; take a photo, and immediately send it to friends and family in your contact list. What makes Snapchat unique and interesting for users is that the photo may only be viewed once, and the user decides how long their contacts are allowed to view it- ranging up to only 10 seconds. Videos are also possible with Snapchat, still lasting only 10 seconds. Snapchat has seen an explosion of users in the last 6 months, becoming one of the most downloaded social apps on both Android and iPhone devices. Nearly 20 million snaps are shared every day.

How can I use Snapchat for my Business?

Because of its age, and the fleeting nature of the content put onto Snapchat, marketing on the platform could prove difficult. Snapchat is popular because it creates a sense of immediacy. One way we've seen this used is by food service businesses. A user submits a picture of them eating food purchased from the business, and the company snaps back a coupon for them to redeem at the register. Because of the 10 second time limit though, it’s difficult to market anything more than impulse or quick-buying decisions. Taco Bell is using Snapchat in a manner similar to this.


Social in a different regard than Snapchat and Vine, Wanelo is like Pinterest in a consumer-friendly design. Short for “Want, Need, Love”, Wanelo uses the photo-bulletin design like Pinterest, but provides links to purchase the products being shown. Clicking on a photo redirects you to the product’s website, allowing you to buy it.

How can I use Wanelo for my Business?

For a B2C client, Wanelo is an excellent marketing tool. If your consumer products are engaging and curious, the simple format of Wanelo can provide an easy marketing platform to increase click-through traffic on your website. They have an extensive list of certified partner businesses- and its growing daily.

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