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Ideal Clients: Why They’re Important for Inbound Marketing Programs (and What Factors You Should Consider When Determining Them)

Inbound Marketing Sales Enablement


Part of the onboarding process with our B2B clients involves determining their ideal client. An ideal client is the "best-fit company" for their business — not to be confused with buyer personas, which are the people within the company that we're targeting. 

During this process, we have our clients close their eyes and think of their best clients, and then start discussing what characteristics make them "ideal." This is an extremely important step to take when planning an inbound marketing program, as it determines where to distribute content, how to effectively target paid campaigns and, ultimately, what key pieces of information are necessary to recognize a best-fit company when we see it.

Ideal Client Factors

So, what factors should you consider when determining your ideal client? These four are a good place to start:

  • Geography: Is a company’s location important to your business? For many companies, this can certainly be a determining factor for best fit.
  • Size: Is the best-fit company one that has a minimum number of employees or a certain revenue size? Employees might be an important consideration for professional employer organizations (PEOs) that can only take on clients with more than 10 full-time employees.
  • Industry: Are your best-fit companies in particular industries?
  • Other Considerations: While “other” is pretty broad bucket, it’s important to really think about it. What other company attributes might be important in your best-fit client? List as many things as you can.

Ideal Client Example

Let’s walk through an example. Here are the company attributes of Mojo's ideal client. Certainly, we serve many clients who may fall outside of this description, but when we see a company with these following characteristics/attributes, we're nearly certain they'll be a great fit for us (and vice versa):

  • Investment in inbound marketing: Inbound methodology buy-in and engagement from leadership down to associates is important, as is the commitment to inbound as a long-term marketing and sales strategy. The impact of "going inbound" doesn't happen overnight, so it's important that our clients have patience during the process of building the inbound foundation.
  • Appropriate yearly revenues: Our engagements are sizeable financial commitments, so we find that companies over $10 million in revenue can more often times afford our services than companies with revenues of less than $10 million, unless they're willing to allocate a larger % of income to marketing.
  • Trust in HubSpot: Our best-fit companies have an understanding and investment in the inbound methodology, so they either have already purchased HubSpot or are interested in purchasing it. They also realize the best path for them is to partner with a qualified HubSpot agency to execute their inbound marketing.
  • Location: Although we can easily serve clientele all over the world, we find a strong decision driver for most prospects is our proximity to them. High touch is still highly valued.
  • Internal marketing contact: Having an internal marketing contact at the company for the day-to-day discussions — versus working solely with the owner of the business, who often times has limited time — is ideal.
  • Salesforce: For B2B clients, at least one salesperson outside the owner/CEO is preferable. A sales team is even more ideal.
  • Industries: While they’re of lesser importance than our other factors, some of our ideal industries include manufacturing, healthcare, professional services, high-value B2C and complex B2B. Why? Because of our level of experience in these areas.

Again, it’s important to find an ideal client that is a best-fit company for your business. We’ve given you ours; what are the attributes of your ideal client?

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