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Hubspot for Small Businesses

Inbound Marketing

With consumers’ increasing ability to filter traditional outbound marketing messages such as television commercials and direct mailers more powerful than ever, it is becoming extremely important for small businesses to stay ahead of traditional marketing practices using the latest inbound marketing techniques available. By using forms of online marketing such as social media, blogs and search engine optimization, inbound marketing allows small businesses the ability to better target their specific consumer base. Because of the increasing number of forms in which inbound marketing can assume, management of these outlets has become a vital part of a small business’s day to day function. Hubspot, through years of research into the ins and outs of the abilities and potential of inbound marketing practices, has created an online marketing service in which all forms of a business’s inbound marketing are consolidated into one management program, allowing for maximization in the reach of a business’s specific inbound marketing techniques.

The ability of Hubspot’s online marketing program to centralize all aspects of a small business’s inbound marketing techniques allows small business owners the option of management through a single content management system. Using Hubspot as a content management system allows for streamlined direction of all of a business’s inbound marketing efforts. The ability to manage outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram alongside other methods of inbound marketing such as blogs, e-blasts and organic web pages from a single computer program brings about a better overview of the reach, message and response of all a small business’s inbound marketing efforts in their entirety. Management capabilities include items such as all-in-one publishing for social media outlets, the creation of landing pages for the capture of inbound marketing leads and the ability to execute mass email marketing campaigns. Hubspot also has the capability to help segment a small business’s consumers based on a variety of factors in order to help determine what inbound marketing techniques best fit each particular segment of a business’s consumer base.

Hubspot’s online marketing program also measures analytics related to inbound marketing efforts and presents them in a way that is comprehensive to the users of the software. This is especially effective with small business’s dealing with high dollar values, long research cycles and knowledge based products. Activities such as keyword analysis and link tracking allow Hubspot to present analytics in a way that is similar to that of Google analytics. These online marketing analysis tools make the process of calculating ROI much easier than if operating all of a small business’s inbound marketing techniques as individual marketing processes. The ability for a small business to track all inbound marketing efforts in one clean, intuitive interface as well as present their findings in a comprehensive manner is essential to the understanding of the capabilities of each individual inbound marketing technique, as well as the future growth of said small business.

Through the decline in the effectiveness of traditional outbound marketing practices, in conjunction with the steady rise of the power of inbound marketing strategies, it is essential that small businesses stay one step ahead of their competitors through the best available means. With Hubspot’s online marketing abilities, small businesses now have the tools needed to properly consolidate and streamline all functions of their inbound marketing techniques into one, easily managed program. The ability to implement and successfully manage an inbound marketing campaign can result in a company experiencing increased sales, increased traffic to organic websites, an increase in the volume of customers sharing a business’s content via social media outlets and an overall increase in brand awareness. Through Hubspot online marketing’s numerous management and analytic features small businesses now have the ability to reach specific consumers on an unprecedented level, and it is in the best interest of small businesses to both embrace and utilize the capabilities inbound marketing presents to them, their customers and their future growth and expansion as a business.



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