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How to Use a "Teaser" Video to Promote Your Next Event


Organizing and promoting an event is hard work. Between dealing with venues, booking speakers and sweating as 50% of your attendees wait until the last possible minute to register, events can be overwhelming.

While there are lots of ways to market your event, one of the most interesting (and effective) ways to promote it is with video. Specifically, with a teaser video.


A teaser video is a "behind the scenes" look into what your event is all about. It helps explain things like:

  • What the event is all about.
  • Who should attend.
  • Answers to common questions about the event.
  • Basic logistics.

It's basically a quick snapshot of all the important details about the event.

Most importantly, it adds personality and warmth to the message. Because it's a video, you can show the actual people behind the event and can add your own culture and personality into it.

Whether it's a big conference or a smaller event, consider creating a teaser video to generate more interest and increase registrations.

Oh, and hire 12 Stars Media to do it.

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