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How to Turn Your Pinning into #Winning

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Come home from work, plop on the couch, open my laptop (and bag of Cheetos), and begin mindlessly pinning away on Pinterest—that’s my typical evening routine and a much-needed release from the hustle and bustle of daily life. We all use Pinterest (150 MILLION of us, might I add!) for various reasons, whether it be to create an imaginary wardrobe, spark inventive ideas for future crafts or recipes, or even fantasize about future wedding themes.

Mojo Media Labs had the awesome opportunity to participate in Social Media Examiner’s online ‘Social Media Success Summit’, where social media experts from throughout the nation shared their unique tips and tricks! One of my favorite presentations was “How to Optimize Your Pinterest Strategy by Using Pinterest Analytics” by Vincent Ng, President of MCNG Marketing and Pinterest expert. Here is a brief overview of the value insight our team gained from Vincent’s presentation:

Research, research, research! 

Vincent really hit home the importance of researching on the front-end and determining whether or not Pinterest is right for your business. By clicking the tiles on the top right of your screen on the dashboard, you can see what some of the current most popular trending topics are. This is a good way to conclude whether or not your product/industry has an established audience on this social platform. 

Some companies that have seen massive success by utilizing Pinterest as a platform to promote their business include Lowe’s (they are known for sharing DIY content) and L’Oreal Paris (who often shares beauty tutorials). According to Pinterest’s Success Stories, Lowe’s most saved pin “a create-your-own colorful doormat project- has gotten more than 200,000 saves so far, and has helped Lowe’s understand that their strategy of helping people DIY is a sound one”. (Fun Fact: I unknowingly pinned this doormat in 2012- I’m living proof!)

Keep the psychology of pinning top of mind

Knowing what your audience is receptive to can be determined by seeing what keywords they’re using and what visuals they respond best to. Rather than reinventing the wheel, tweak your content according to their interests and you’ll be more likely to gain traction. What’s interesting about some of the companies listed above is that they don’t just share content that directly relates to their offering.

For instance, L’Oreal Paris has a few different boards that are completely unrelated to Health & Beauty. Rather, they’ve shared pins of travel destinations, inspirational quotes, and chic clothing inspiration. By doing this, L’Oreal is making a smart move by extending their reach and joining trending topics that their buyer personas are likely visiting often and interacting with. 

Utilize analytics to your advantage 

Pinterest for Business (confirm your business with Pinterest in order to gain access to this data) has some fantastic qualitative analytics that can be used to your advantage. For instance, you’re able to see the gender of your audience, location, their interests, and how they’re getting to your posts. These analytics can help you determine what’s resonating with your audience and what isn’t working—are there specific themes/patterns that are of common interest among your audience? 

Vincent recommends using Google Analytics in tandem with Pinterest to aid you in determining the quality of your audience- just because individuals are being led to your content, how long are they staying? Are they interacting with your content, or quickly bouncing off the page? Observing session times of visitors driven by can help determine who seemed to be interested in your content. Lastly, insight that should not be ignored is what devices your audience is viewing your content on- is your post optimized for mobile? Pinterest has a unique framework for how sites are loaded that can shrink the layout of your site, so this can significantly impact bounce rates!

Soooo, what are you waiting for?

By executing the above best practices, you can turn your pinning strategy to a winning strategy in no time. For more Pinspiration, check out Social Media Examiner’s “26 Tips to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing”.

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