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How to Manage Your Personal Brand via Social Media

Inbound Marketing

Here in the digital marketing world, we’re all pretty good at managing the social media efforts of our clients. We tweet, we post, we interact, we use video and pictures seamlessly while also integrating the perfect keyword strategy to back it all up. However, while we’re all great at getting quality social media marketing results for our clients what about us as individual professionals?

Managing your personal brand on social platforms can sometimes be more challenging than doing so for clients. Here at Mojo, we believe in personal development, so taking it network by network here are some different ways to effectively manage your personal brand via social media.


Ahhh Facebook. The network that (sorry MySpace) seemingly started it all. When using Facebook and posting updates about where you are, what you ate for lunch that day, or pictures from this past weekend, it’s important to think from the perspective of your network. Now, throughout high school and college, your network was probably mostly made up of friends who didn’t care what they saw. In the professional world, things change. Those same posts with pictures are now being seen by prospective employers, colleagues, and esteemed professionals. Diversify what you’re posting about. Post things about the industry you’re working in or hope to work in. Link to articles that you find interesting, and certainly stay away from posting pictures from this last weekend at the bar. Your colleagues don’t want to see that.


Similar to Facebook, Twitter is another social platform that needs to change as you acquire more knowledge about your profession. In developing your personal brand on social media, you want to surround yourself with people who are posting good content. Personally, I like to think of Twitter as a custom news feed that I get to control. If I’m following and interacting with people who are posting questionable or immature content, then that is probably the kind of content that I’m producing as well. You get to a certain point where it’s time to put on your big boy or girl pants, unfollow @textsfromlastnight and @daineltosh, and follow @forbes, @socialmedia2day, and @marketingprofs. Your knowledge, and subsequently, your tweets/ online persona will change drastically.

Instagram and Vine

Instagram and Vine are two social platforms that, in my opinion, are still finding their own identity. Regardless, they’re not going anywhere, which makes it very important that when you post on these mediums you’re doing so responsibly and correctly. Taking pictures and/or video and dispersing them throughout your social networks can hurt you a lot easier than help you, since the very nature of pictures and video are more engaging than plain text or links. Be cognizant about what you’re taking pictures and videos of before sending them out to the world. They don’t go away, and part of most evaluations of a candidate for a job includes a quick survey of their social media sites. Sending out the wrong picture or video can cause a personal PR nightmare.

Managing your own personal brand online is a critical component to your success as a professional in today’s digitally driven world. Be smart about what you’re posting and who you’re surrounding yourself with. Post quality content on Facebook, engage with interesting and driven individuals on Twitter, and don’t let that one night where you took too many pictures on Instagram or too much video on Vine come back to bite you in your career.

Stay tuned for our sequel to this blog next week that will discuss brand management for the established professional and how you can take your brand to the next level via social media to increase your authority as a thought leader.

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