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How to Convert Facebook Likes Into Leads

Inbound Marketing

With Facebook Timeline, like gates are a thing of the past. The emphasis has once again shifted back to content marketing—and the success of your social media marketing efforts rests on your ability to provide that great content.

The Importance of Likes has Shifted

Stop worrying about “like” conversion. We’re still caught up in the like gate frenzy as marketers, and if you still look around the internet there are a few ways to set up makeshift like gates to try and reclaim what was lost in the Timeline update. Stop! It’s okay. We’ll all heal and move on together. Rather than being a direct lead gen tool, Facebook likes are a pure means of advertising. That’s where the true value of the like comes in. When someone likes your page, or one of your posts, that content gets shared on the user’s wall for all their friends to see and share and like. You start a snowball effect. The removal of like gates has some disadvantages, but it provides some unique opportunities: your social marketing can be more holistic.

Instead of focusing on a Facebook campaign, you can turn your attention to developing quality top-of-funnel content. That means educational blog posts, ebooks, YouTube videos, and even web apps—anything that people will want to share because they find it useful or fun. And this content can spread across your social media, letting you pull some of your attention back from just one service and increase your overall social ROI. See, Facebook Timeline is built around the idea of attracting more businesses to use Facebook ads. That doesn’t mean that you can’t convert through your page.

Landing Pages Are More Important Than Ever

You need landing pages to convert. It’s just that simple, and if you’re posting content to your Facebook that doesn’t include conversion forms, you’re missing out. That doesn’t mean everything should have a contact form attached to it—keep throwing out those blog posts and YouTube videos—but develop content offers for social media like top 10 lists and ebooks that are Social Media exclusive and accessed through landing pages. And when you do post from your blog or YouTube, make sure those video descriptions and post footers have links to landing pages. It’s not a perfect process, but once you refine how you deliver content you’ll find that your conversion rates will start to explode.

Keep Encouraging Likes

People don’t have to like your page to go to these landing pages. You can convert visitors without them liking, but you want them to give you that free brand advertising. Once they share, and the more likes you get, the more visitors go to your website. You’re driving traffic, which means more lead conversion, which means more customers. It’s the Inbound Way.

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And, as always, if you have any comments or suggestions, or have a great tip on how to convert Facebook likes, leave it down below!

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