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How Our Agency Uses Inbound Marketing (With a Look at Our REAL Sales Numbers!)

Inbound Marketing

3,000. That's the overwhelming amount of advertising messages your customers are exposed to every day.  Cold calling and placing ads in Yellow Pages simply doesn't work like it used to because buyers have become smarter and Internet-savvy. They hold all the cards now (and they've usually made up their mind about your company before they talk to you, not after.) Luckily, there's a proven marketing methodology for today's businesses ready to adapt to modern customers: It's called Inbound Marketing.There's a reason our website's key pages convert new sales leads at 8x the average rate of a non-optimized site. Want to see how your business can use the same strategies to grow? 

Peek inside our agency's real marketing dashboard and inbound marketing tools

That's right. We're opening the kimono (just for you.) Watch as Mojo Media Labs shows you the real, behind the scenes numbers from our marketing and sales dashboards.

(Don't forget to check our transcription if you get lost.)

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Full Video Transcript

"Hello! Welcome to Mojo Media Labs world headquarters.

Today we're talking about Inbound Marketing, what it is and why it's really important for you.

Guys, the world is changing rapidly. Every single day, you and I see over 3,000 marketing messages.

We're just being inundated with marketing messages. Today consumers are smarter and more equipped to find the information they need to consume and purchase products and services.

Inbound Marketing is the idea that you're like a magnet and you're attracting visitors to you. You're attracting people to you.

Today we're going to talk about how you can take and use Inbound Marketing for your website and your marketing so that you're generating visitors. You're creating leads. And you're converting them to be customers. You ready? Let's go.

Okay. We're going to talk about the Inbound Marketing method. The first part of any solid sales cycle is trying to attract people to your website.

We're going to go live right now on the Mojo Media Labs website. I like to use our own marketing as our own best case study.

I think we drink our own Kool-Aid very well. I'm very transparent on our go-to market strategy. I'm very transparent on our numbers. We're going to go through that today.

The first thing is how well are you getting people to visit your website. Right here, on our homepage, you will see the Inbound methodology. I've highlighted it right there. You will see the methodology.

How do you get strangers to come to visit your website? Well, it's most commonly done by great, remarkable content where you're blogging. You've got good search engine optimization. You're doing a lot of social media. We get a lot of referred traffic to our website from social media.

Once they come to your website and they are a visitor on the website, how well do you convert them to become a lead? This is a very shocking statistic. A high performing website will get around a 1%, maybe a 1.5% conversion rate.

I have 100 visitors. Think about this. Out of 100 people that come to your website, one fills out your contact form. That does not get me excited. That is not anything to write home about.

This is the biggest opportunity I see when I speak to thousands of business owners. This is the biggest opportunity with marketing today, is when people are visiting your website, how well are you getting their contact information?

As you can see on our website, and I'm going to show you our numbers in a minute. It's very exciting.

When people come to our website, we give them very good opportunities to engage our brand. We offer free evaluations. There's instant chat. We give them high-value resources to improve their life, to improve their business, to improve their marketing.

Just a pro tip here. Make sure, if you are doing Inbound Marketing, that you've got one piece of content that is an absolute rock star for your company. We've got that piece. I'll show you what it is here in just a moment. It's generating leads every single day for our agency. I would highly recommend you replicating that same thing that we're doing.

Alright. Again, Inbound Methodology. When they're visiting your website, how well do you convert them to become a lead?

Once they become a lead, they've downloaded something off your website. They're in your CRM. They've requested the free consultation. How well do you take them from the lead stage to becoming a customer? How do you nurture them?

Here at Mojo Media Labs, we actually know all of our numbers. I actually know our sales cycle is a five-month process.

Our average new client, it takes five months of us nurturing them, educating them, building rapport before they buy from us.

What do we do? We've got a beautiful CRM that does email nurturing. We've got automation campaigns that interact with them throughout that five-month process. It's a beautiful system that we have that increases our close rate.

Once they become a customer, a very important component is how do you delight them. We all know word of mouth is typically a powerful marketing strategy, yet we see very few people that have word of mouth marketing strategies. How well do you survey your customers? Are you doing social media content and monitoring?

There's a lot of different things in this process of the inbound strategy to create promoters, to increase the amount of leads, the amount of customers that you're getting. That's the Inbound methodology.

Now we're going to take a moment and go live into the Mojo Media Labs dashboard, where you're going to see our real numbers and how well our marketing is performing. As you can see, I'm going to switch over from our website (which is absolutely beautiful.)

I love what I'm seeing here. As a marketer, let me just tell you what I see when I look at the Inbound methodology and I look at our website. I'm very proud of what the team has created here.

First thing is, we have a very compelling opening statement: Grow revenue while you sleep. Our buyer persona, we know our buyer personas in great detail.

People that work with Mojo Media Labs typically have one thing that they want. They want revenue. They want to drive sales. Our website is all about focusing on our customers' needs, understanding what they want, and buyer personas is the first place to start to make sure you know what content you should be putting on your website. Really solid stuff.

Our website's got great call to actions. Free marketing evaluation. Good call to actions here. Another free consultation. Free SEO workbook. You guys, we're adding value to our buyer personas. Blog posts. Another free workbook. Another good download.

This is actually (if you want to know our secret sauce), this free marketing workbook is our number one lead generation source. Just a beautiful resource that helps you create a marketing plan, helps create a budget. Helps you set strategies. It's a beautiful workbook. A free, 19-page workbook that we give out as a value add.

This is just our homepage. Super proud of the team here. You've even got instant chat. You can chat with a team member. You've got questions. You want ideas or strategies, just go ahead and chat on our website. We love to add value. Beautiful website.

Let's go ahead and look at the dashboard. Here is our dashboard. Alright. This is what gets me excited. I get to actually audit, in just a snap. I can look at what's going on in our marketing.

Right now, I'm looking at last quarter. I'm showing a comparison of a date range from this quarter to the previous quarter. I can see website traffic is way up. Good job, team. From visitors to creating contacts, really solid numbers here. Then, how many of those contacts are converting to be a customer. Great work, team.

This is interesting. So many CEOs, so many marketing managers, they don't know their numbers.

They don't know how many people are coming to their website. They don't know how many leads are being generated. They certainly don't know how many customers came from that process.

We've got that ability to show you exactly what's happening in the process. It's a beautiful thing.

Alright, let's take this a step further. That was high level. Now, let's look at the step two in the marketing processes. What landing pages are people looking at? What content's important? What's creating conversions? Why this is important, as a marketing agency, our team has to know what content's working, what content's not working.

Without this data, we can't make informed decisions of what we need to do moving forward. This is beautiful to see what landing pages people are viewing. Are numbers up and down?

Look at this. This is unbelievable. Our conversion rate on the landing pages right now is 8.5%. That's like eight times the industry average. This is beautiful. Again, I'd like to think our team is very good at what they do. This is just some proof here.

Top landing pages, which ones are creating conversions. Blog posts. How many eyeballs are looking at these things. Again, these are good metrics.

If you're a CEO, you want to put some metrics on, hey how much do I want my website traffic to grow? How many leads do we need to generate?

Without good, smart data, without knowing industry benchmarks, you're marketing manager can't be successful without knowing these things.

Email campaigns. Again, this is closing deals. This is that next step in the sales process. How many people are opening them? How many are clicking through? What's your click-through rate?

Again, stoked about my team. Click-through rate is almost 5%.This is just remarkably higher than the industry average. Absolutely crushing it, team. Good work.

From the sales perspective, I can even, this is exciting. This is very new. Our team is even going from the marketing component. We've got beautiful systems. We've got beautiful processes.

We know we are very good at generating massive movement with the marketing side, but now we're even integrating into the sales side. We're even helping the sales team close deals.

We're making sure that the sales team has what they need to be successful. Even here, we can pull in how many deals are closed. How many new deals are being created. We can help organizations predict cash flow.

We can look at what your sales forecast is looking at. It's just a beautiful, beautiful dashboard.

Again, things are changing in marketing.

The Inbound methodology is very important. It's where we have been taking a lot of time, money, and resources to educate on what's happening in the world and how people are consuming products and services.

We've built and we're helping build our clients' Inbound methodologies. Their whole strategies. Their whole marketing funnels. Again, to help generate revenue while they sleep.

If you've got any questions about the Inbound Marketing methodology, about the numbers, about ideas, strategies, we are always here for you.

This is our biggest passion. We want to make an impact in your organization. Feel free to reach out to us at any time."


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