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How Agency Clients Can Get More Out of Their Inbound Marketing Program

Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing

When you read this you may think “Does this really happen?” Sometimes I can’t believe it either. Why would a company pay good money to a marketing agency and not get the most out of every dollar?

The bottom line comes down to priorities. My clients would say, “I have more pressing issues.” Or, “I’m working on a big deal and just don’t have time right now.” But really…does getting back to me on approval of a blog, or content offer take that long? Isn’t filling your sales funnel to ensure future growth important, too??

I would say, hands down, the number one reason clients don’t get as much as they should from their Inbound Marketing program is slow response on feedback for content. We all know that content provides web pages with relevant information for our client’s prospects, which drives traffic and fills the funnel- Inbound 101. So why (oh why), dear client, is it like pulling teeth to get a return approval email or, dare I hope, a phone call to discuss tweaks to make an idea better?

The best engagements are collaborative. See our previous blog on “Inbound is a Partnership.” We know Inbound Marketing. Clients know their business. Keeping the lines of honest communication open and timely are imperative.

Okay, I know I’m a little too nice…I hate to be a nag. I accept the excuses a little too fast. Really, I get it – you’re busy…but this is important, people! I want to help your business succeed. I really do. So I’m turning over a new leaf. It’s for your own good.

No more Mrs. Nice girl! I am about to get my “nag” on. So when you see my email in your inbox, you might as well just take a few minutes to answer me.

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