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Happy Halloween! Two Tricks and Treats of Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing


It’s October 31st, there’s a cool breeze rustling the changing autumn leaves and children everywhere are squealing with delight as they scurry from door to door in search for their favorite candy. Here at Mojo Media Labs, Halloween is no different… except perhaps the cool weather. (Thank you, Texas.) We do have our own tricks and treats of inbound marketing, though. Here are two of them:

Trick #1: Understanding the Buyer Persona

If you’ve taken any of HubSpot’s certification exams, you know the company puts a strong amount of weight into understanding the targeted buyer, such as what pains they may feel or where they are in the buyer’s journey — and they are right to do so. It’s important for any marketer to understand all aspects of his or her target audience, but it is especially critical for inbound marketers, because we are drawing these potential buyers in, versus going out to find them. In order to better market to these individuals, we need to build accurate, useful content that will grab their attention.

So how do you go about getting this information? Here are three ways:

  • Interview your client – Who better to ask than those that are in the business and have interacted with potential buyers? Clients have expert information on the customers’ needs and want and can be a great resource.
  • Interview customers – Ask your client if they have a prized customer for you to interview. What better way to get inside the buyer persona’s head than to actually pick the thoughts of your client’s customer?
  • Research – Do your research! Utilize trusted sources within the buyer’s industry, such as magazines, online posts and social media. More than likely, you’ll be able to use these sources of information for content creation down the road. 

The Treat: Once you’ve mastered the ability to understanding the target audience, now comes the treat: you’re one step closer to qualified leads, higher visitations and keeping customers wanting more. You went through the process of thoroughly understanding the buyer and now you just need to create and market content that draws them in. Luckily, through all your research, you know what these individuals want to see most.

Trick #2: Building Content and Authority 

That brings us to our second trick: building content and authority. You need to create content for landing pages, thank you pages, blogs, emails, promotional copy and more. The fun doesn’t stop there, though. Once you create this content, you need to get it out so potential buyers can actually see it and you build your brand’s authority. Here are a couple ways to do that successfully:

  • Create an SEO strategy – Meet your new friends: long-tail keywords. Find words you can realistically rank for and use them throughout your content. You’ll begin to build authority with search engines and therefore, rank higher. Outbound links are another great way to build your SEO. They should go out to authoritative websites and use proper anchor text.
  • Promote via social media – Leverage your content in a strategic manner. Don’t just post your content on any social media platform, but promote your content on social media platforms that actually work for your target audience. Focus on the time of day they check social media most to have the highest opportunity for visibility. Don’t stop there, either — interact with these potential customers! The more you can engage in conversations, the more you establish yourself as an authority.

The Treat: The treat is simple: quality content + high visibility = more traffic. After all, the definition of “authority” is “the power to influence others, especially because of one's commanding manner or one's recognized knowledge about something.” So if you’re seeing increased traffic because of your quality content, it’s only natural that you’ll build authority in the process.

So there you have it. Follow these tricks and you’ll be rewarded with some satisfying inbound marketing treats!



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