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Getting Your Entire Staff to Buy Into Online Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Remember that old saying about having too many cooks in the kitchen? Forget it. These days there’s no such thing as “set it and forget it” online marketing—you need as many hands on deck as possible making your website a content producing, lead generating machine.

Staying ahead of your competitors takes a living online presence, and with it, a huge time commitment. It’s why we recommend many businesses outsource their online marketing rather than assigning an internal staff member the bulk of responsibility. So how do you get your staff involved online? Can social media and blogging be incentivized?

Our answer: absolutely.

Bring them in on Strategy Meetings

Involve your whole team in a digital strategy meeting. Let them suggest ideas on how your business can engage with your customers online, either with a new campaign or through social media. Explain the value of blogging and social media so that they get excited about being involved. If they have input into the plan, they’ll be more willing to follow through with it rather than just being assigned a blog post or being told to start a twitter account.

Using Tracking URLs to See Who’s Generating Leads

Give each employee a tracking URL. If you have advanced tracking analytics installed on your website (and you should – if you don’t, contact us!) you should be able to track every visitor who arrives to your site or landing page via that individual tracking URL. If someone converts to a customer who originally found the website via someone’s email signature, reward that employee! Make a contest around it.

Content Engagement Contests

Who can get the most likes? Who can get the most inbound links? Start tracking the engagement data of blog posts and social media posts. Again, contests are a great way to motivate and incentivize. Every month, whoever’s blog post or social media post attracted the most attention could be rewarded. This will also encourage better writing skills across the board – your writers will begin paying attention to what works and what your readership responds to, rather than just churning out content.

Photography Contests

Pinterest and Instagram are growing social media networks. Have an old fashioned photography contest among your staff. Have them take and submit pictures, which your social media team can upload to Pinterest and Instagram. Same as with a blogging contest: whoever’s photo attracts the most attention that month wins.

Public Acknowledgement for a Job Well Done (Millenials, Gen X Especially)

Studies are beginning to show that the younger generation of 20 somethings coming into the workforce are motivated by recognition and reward more than other factors. This can have it’s benefits and it’s downsides for employers, but as digital marketing teams get younger, it’s important to acknowledge that simply saying “great job” can be a very strong motivator. Everyone wants to feel like a rock star.

Have any other great ways you incentivize your marketing team to “buy in” to your larger digital strategy? Leave a comment below!

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