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Getting Out of Your Southern Comfort Zone at Confluence 2016

Nothing Great Comes From Comfort

Do you have massive dreams for your life, but no idea how to actually accomplish them? There's good news for you. It's 100% possible for you to reorder your life by leveraging tiny habits you usually don't think about or recognize. You're probably asking, "But, why are you so confident your ideas actually work?" Easy. You're about to hear from someone who's lived it and put into action for years.

Korey McMahon proves that SMART goals actually work by taking you on a wild journey through binge-vacationing, starting a business from scratch, and the college semester from hell.

Game-Changing Takeaways

  • Learn how Korey redesigned his life to knock out 10 vacations in less than six months — many of which he didn't pay for!
  • See how the nation's #2 professional snowboarder changed careers to start a marketing agency in Norman, Oklahoma
  • Harness Korey's goal-setting framework to focus tiny, seemingly insignificant choices you make every day to accomplish concrete goals
  • Understand how to use reflection as a powerful tool to fuel lifestyle changes 
  • How to apply SMART goals in your day-to-day life



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