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Mojo News: Frank Geric Is Joining Our Team!

Inbound Marketing

We are proud to announce a very special addition to the Mojo Media Labs Team: Frank Geric, our new Director of Strategy and Client Engagements!

Frank has a proven track record of streamlining existing agency operations, and his first order of business will improve Mojo in two main areas:

  1. Operations and workflows. He is going implement Lean and Kaizen techniques, which will make it easier for Mojo to achieve "continuous improvement" and be even more agile and responsive.
  2. Service delivery to our clients.He will be reviewing the marketing strategies and tactics we develop for our clients, and will ensure they are aligning with the company vision and voice. He will be adding more tools and thought leadership to allow Mojo to become more of an integral part of our clients' business.

Frank has been in marketing for over a quarter of a century, and he has an interesting background that have made him the obvious and perfect choice for this very important position.

He is a loyal, steadfast man: a lifelong resident of northeast Ohio, happily married for 22 years, with one brilliant and talented daughter named Katie, and a packed-with-personality shih tzu named Rudy.

He is calm, cool and collected in the middle of chaos: he recently retired as a Mixed Martial Arts judge and a referee after many years of officiating.

He has a mind for numbers: graduating at Kent State with a BA in Economics.

He is quick witted: he worked his way through school as auctioneer.

He is a well-rounded professional: he spent 20 years in business selling technology and professional services to manufacturers and distributors. A big part of this experience required reviewing his client's overarching business issues, including marketing. It taught him the importance of differentiation, and being a strategic partner.

Frank is a proven winner in inbound marketing: He was on the leadership team with the largest inbound marketing agency in the country, building it into a powerhouse. He helped hundreds of companies, ranging from startups to enterprise level, improve their branding, strategy and messaging.

From CEO of Mojo Media Labs, Michael Rose, "We are honored and thrilled Frank Geric has joined our team. Through his leadership, we can all expect BIG things from Mojo Media Labs very soon!"

Mojo Media Labs is a Dallas, TX based company that provides inbound marketing and next level content to a variety of industries for ridiculous results . Since 2009, Mojo Media Labs has consistently improved our client's marketing performance, extended their reach, maximized their conversions, analyzed their results, and closed the sales loop. Mojo Media Labs' CEO Michael Rose created ROE®, a unique approach for Mojo's success, and wrote a book about it called, ROE Powers ROI – The Ultimate Way to Think and Communicate for Ridiculous Results. For more information on Mojo Media Labs, please call our toll free number: 1-(85)-LIKE-MOJO or visit https://www.mojomedialabs.com/.


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