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Do It Live! The Role Social Media Tactics Play in Live Events

Inbound Marketing

social media tactics

Having just returned from HubSpot’s Inbound conference in Boston, we Mojoers were reminded of how valuable social media tactics can be at live events. Though it’s also important to be present (and we were!), we couldn’t help but follow along with the #Inbound15 hashtag. We even created our own tag, #InboundMojo, in an effort to share what we were learning throughout the conference and to join in with the IN(bound) crowd conversation in real time. 

Before we take a nosedive into the fun and importance of live-tweeting/live-posting though, let’s go back to the basics. 

What the Heck Is a Hashtag? 

We’re all probably guilty of hashtagging our hashtags without really understanding their purpose but, believe it or not, hashtags can do some pretty big things. Hashtags allow any user, whether on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, to view a stream of information, visuals, and commentary on the same topic without having to be connected to the people that are doing the sharing. 

So, by opening up our Twitter apps and searching the hashtag #Inbound15, we are/were able to view what everyone at the Inbound conference was saying about their experience as that experience was happening. By adding #Inbound15 to our tweets about the conference, anyone else monitoring the hashtag was able to check out what we had to say. It’s a little confusing, we know, but we promise that you’ll get the hang of it. 

What’s the Point?

Imagine you’re on your way to a music festival but you’re running late and your favorite band will be taking the stage in less than an hour. What are the lines like at the gate? Is the crowd getting crazy? How far is the stage from the entrance? These are all questions you’d want answered, right? Wouldn’t it be great if you had people on the inside that could help? 

Oh hey, doesn’t the festival have a hashtag that they’ve been using while promoting on Twitter? THEY DO! So, you search for it…bleep, bloorp, bleep…and suddenly you have hundreds of people talking about the event you’re about to attend and they’re all discussing your unspoken concerns. Pretty cool, right?

More often than not, if you’re going to a public event in 2015, there’s going to be a hashtag associated with it and those attending are going to be tweeting (talking) about things that will be of interest to you. But you shouldn’t just leave it to others! By sharing your experiences, you’re joining in a larger conversation and helping (and entertaining) your fellow event-goers.

One of our hurdles at #Inbound15 was not being able to attend every session we hoped to but, by monitoring the event hashtag, we could at least pick up on the nuggets of wisdom that others who were able to attend shared. And vice versa, Mojoers shared what we were learning along the way. 

Ok, It’s a Conversation. But, What’s In It for My Brand and Me? 

Well, a likely increase in followers, fans, and a raised awareness for who you are and what you do. How’s that?

By joining in on a large online conversation and using an event specific hashtag in your posts, updates, and tweets, people who may have never heard of you are suddenly seeing your content, your culture, and your value. All it takes is one tweet for someone to start following you, take a look at your feed, click on a link back to your website and maybe, just maybe, become a lead or even a customer.

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