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Digital Marketing 101: Blogging is for Influence, Social is for Branding

Inbound Marketing

If you’re new to digital marketing, you’re probably boggled by questions such as where to start your online strategy. With all this talk about valuable content, social networks, video, and email it’s difficult to know where to spend your time and investment.

Consider this a 101 on how to influence and brand via digital marketing.

1. Content Influences

Influence is something all businesses strive for, and when it comes to the virtual world influence is achieved through content. The most popular form being blogs.(Technorati’s 2013 Digital Influence Report) This is because blogs offer relevant information and are written in a sincere, genuine voice. Consumers type their questions and concerns into a search engine (such as Google, Yahoo!, or Bing) and find a subject matter expert ready to divulge honest and significant information. Blogging isn’t about selling, it’s about influencing.

2. Social Media Brands

While having a large community base on social networks is beneficial for branding, social media doesn’t necessarily influence consumer’s purchasing decisions. Sure, it’s great for public relation and customer service strategy, but as an added bonus - when social media is utilized correctly it can lead your Fans, Connections, Followers, etc. back to your site where you can begin to nurture trust and procure influence. Besides, the thing that prompt people to “Share,” “Like,” and “Retweet,” is the content in your social message.

3. Utilizing The Best of Both Worlds

digital marketing strategy

The point of having a brand is to cultivate familiarity and nurture relationships with customers, and that’s why social media is so important. But you want to have influence and gain the trust of the consumer - not simply create a bit of chatter. This is why those with the most influence on social media blog for themselves. To utilize both content and social media for ridiculous digital marketing results, it starts with pushing your content (blogs, videos, ebooks, white papers, etc.) through social media. Know the networks where your target audience spends their time and update your statuses with information they care about.

Pushing your content through social media will help grow your fan/follower base and also drive qualified traffic to your website. From there you can start nurturing relationships with qualified leads.

There’s a formula behind mastering content and social strategy for delivering ridiculous digital marketing results. You just have to know the equation.



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