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Diary of a Mojo Maker: Quarantine Edition

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Welcome to the second diary entry of a Mojo Maker! For my last entry, I spent weeks getting quality content from our team on recommendations for great professional development podcasts, books, and tools to elevate your marketing game. If you want educational content, I recommend checking out that blog because you will not get any of that in this entry.

I, Chelsea, Marketing Strategist over here at Mojo Media Labs, will be providing tips and tricks to surviving… I mean thriving... while practicing social distancing during COVID-19.

The City of Dallas has officially declared a Shelter-in-Place ordinance, so while residents are allowed to grocery shop, continue “essential business” (there are no rules to this definition, which is why I put that in sarcasm quotes), and exercise outdoors, we are confined to our homes otherwise. Mojo is an official ROWE™ company, so I am very comfortable with working from home, but my fiancé has experienced stressors as someone who gets their energy from social gatherings and prefers an office setting. This is for you boo and those like you who are struggling with shelter-in-place and social distancing.



The Option of Wearing Pants

One of the many benefits of working from home is that your choice of clothing is completely optional! Pro-tip for all of you who are now having to take meetings from home: there is nothing more freeing and empowering than not wearing pants while your coworker is running the weekly staff check-in meeting. This is your time to shine and show off those way too expensive cartoon printed undies that you bought off a Facebook ad last month.




Personal Hygiene

More time at home means that you don’t have to shower as often. Think about it — you didn’t go anywhere, so how could you possibly need to maintain a normal hygiene schedule? Social distancing saves you money in water because you don’t have to bathe nearly as often as someone commuting to an office every day. If you live with a significant other, this is a fun game that both of you can enjoy while staying indoors together.




Second Lunch

Say goodbye to that 30-60 minute required lunch break and say hello to eating whenever you want! To truly thrive in a shelter-in-place environment, you must relinquish the mindset that you’re only allowed one lunch hour per day. We can deep dive into the social construct of the lunch hour in corporate America in a future diary entry.




Pet Participation in Conference Meetings

Social distancing and working from home means that the typical office distractions we all face daily are stripped away. You know, the coworker who never stops coughing when you’re trying to write a professional email, or the guy who takes so many bathroom breaks during the day that you’re Pavlov-trained to look up from your desk every thirty minutes because you know he’s passing by with his Axe-body-spray-smelling-self soon. In order to preserve those memories and avoid shock, invite your pets into your workspace and encourage them to bark, play, or cause general chaos all day long. For example, I encourage my cat to loudly lick himself next to me for a minimum of two hours every day so that I can maintain the same high level of hyper-awareness and distraction that I get from a normal office workday.




Happy Hour, Any Hour 

There is no better way to scratch that socialization itch than a happy hour. But how can you fit all that socialization into a single day? I know you’re sitting there thinking, “Chelsea, that’s why I’ve come to you,” and I have the answers you seek. Similar to the argument of Second Lunch, there is no limitation on the number of happy hours you can host in a day! Invite your coworkers to a breakfast shot and daily stand-up, grab a quick virtual drink with your boss at lunch, then round it out with a happy golden hour with friends to end the workday. 

Disclaimer: I am not advocating for excessive drinking. I never said it had to be alcoholic. 


Well, there you have it! There could truly never be anyone more prepared for this than you. If you found this to be helpful to you in COVID-19 quarantine 2020, subscribe to the blog or email chelsea.eppler@mojomedialabs.com to request more Diary of a Mojo Maker takeovers. 


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Additional disclaimer: All of the above information is purely satirical, and while I don’t think I should have to add this disclaimer, you just never know. Basically do the exact opposite of the advice given above. Following this truly bad advice may end in unemployment or a loss of relationship status. 


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