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Diary of a Mojo Maker: Favorites Edition



We’ve all found ourselves searching for our next favorite podcast, a new show to watch when we want to melt into our couch after work, or next page-turning book to occupy our downtime. So over the last several weeks, I have been gathering answers from our Mojo Makers to find out some of their favorites and what inspires the team inside and out of the office. (Yes, I said weeks. We know how internal surveys usually go.) 

What is your favorite book genre for “fun” reading?

So where would you find a Mojo maker at 7 p.m. on a Tuesday night? Well, it should be at our weekly book club meetings because we all have great taste in books! Our top three favorite book genres came in at fantasy novels, Sci-Fi, and... 

“Murder mysteries. I love a book that keeps me on the edge of my seat and turning the pages. You know, the type of book where you lose track of time and spend a whole night reading for hours without meaning to.“ – Alyson, Digital Marketing Specialist

What book(s) would you recommend to clients and other marketers for professional growth?

At Mojo, we eat, sleep, and breathe Account-Based Marketing strategy, so it's no surprise that ABM for Dummies, A Practitioner's Guide to ABM, and ABM is B2B came highly recommended from our team. 

When it comes to other forms of professional growth (that may not be related to ABM ), ROE Powers ROI, Servant Leadership, and Work Sucks! are all great reads that our Mojo Makers suggested. One of our Digital Marketing Specialists, Alyson, also spoke highly about Everybody Writes by Ann Handley. 

“I saw Ann speak at INBOUND one year and really enjoyed it. I was working for a startup and was running their marketing department. At the time, I didn't think of myself as a writer, and I actually dreaded it. But because I was my company's marketing department, I had to learn quickly. After hearing her speak I went home and got her book. It is really great for people who feel like they 'don't write'."

Other than marketing books, we are all striving to become leaders in our professions. Our Account Coordinator extraordinaire, Jess, provided some great recommendations for growth in leadership, culture, and professional relationships. 

“Good To Great - This was gifted to me by a mentor when I was first starting out in retail management and it really changed my thinking on Leadership and Culture. Also, Radical Candor taught me a lot about building relationships and having tough conversations with employees and co-workers.” 


What is your favorite podcast to listen to for professional growth?

Made You Click... duh. I learn something important in every episode and also get a nice chuckle in. “ - Tori, Account Coordinator



We may be a little biased, but Made You Click made it in as the top-recommended podcast for professional growth from our team. Made You Click is produced by Mojo Media Labs’ Director of Marketing Success, Allison Gibbs, and our Marketing Services Manager, Stephanie Fisher. Each week Allison and Stephanie dive into all things marketing and give their listeners tips on how to impress your boss in marketing! 



We aren't TOO biased though. I also received several other great recommendations for professional growth podcasts!

“The Skinny Confidential, Rise, Marketing School” - Amanda, Client Success Manager 

“The Drive with Peter Attia, TED Talks” - Caroline, Marketing Intern

What do you do to inspire creativity?

It’s always interesting learning about other coworkers outlets for creativity (and fight the creative block that inevitably happens in our industry). While I tend to turn towards a few episodes of The Office, or taking my dogs for a quick walk, some of our team members have other methods of inspiration. 

"Go for a run. I love just being able to focus on relaxing my mind!"  - Allison, Director of Marketing Success

“Browse Pinterest, always makes me feel like I can make anything!” - Jess, Account Coordinator

Definitely consume story-telling centric content or interview style content from fiction novels to podcasts “ - Ashton, Director of People & Engagement 


What is your favorite quote that inspires you professionally? 

I got some really great answers from this question and plan on featuring the rest of these answers in our weekly newsletter (because they’re all just that good), but I chose a couple of fun ones to use in this blog from our Senior Designer, Jason, Client Success Manager, Ladonna, and our Digital Marketing Specialist, James. 

“May the force be with you” - Everyone in Star Wars.  Jason

“Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud.” - Maya Angelou. Ladonna

Pro-tip for my fellow Mojo Makers, don’t send me a quote as a joke and then forget to send me a real one because you’ll just end up in the blog with your original submission. Which brings me to our final featured quote from James (sorry not sorry)...

"I am the danger." - Walter White. 

What is your favorite tool that allows you to work proficiently? 

As marketers, we’re always looking for tools to make our jobs easier. Work smarter not harder. Am I right? I turned to our senior leaders and asked for their absolute favorite tool that allows them to work proficiently and smarter! 

“The Notes app on my Mac that the Indy office makes fun of :) I couldn't live without it.” -Heather, Senior Project Manager

Visual Studio Code, Flycut (recommended for everyone that uses a computer, ever) or Alfred” - Sam, Overlord (Senior Front End Developer)

“I’m really enjoying using GatherContent for collaboration with clients. It's a new tool we started using this year for Website projects or other large-scale content projects, and it's really nice! “ - Stephanie, Marketing Services Manager

What is your favorite thing about working on a team?

“I get inspired by seeing the smart people around me work hard and do their best. If I'm having a bad day or feeling negative, the team's energy usually helps me turn it around and motivates me to work harder. We have the best team at Mojo and I'm super thankful to work with them every day!” - Stephanie, Marketing Services Manager 

“When it becomes a partnership and you reach a level of unspoken collaboration that lets the communication that is needed to reach the real topics and content of importance. Also, working on a team helps us all remember we are human, imperfect, and when and how to celebrate the wins that mean the most.” - James, Digital Marketing Specialist

Honorable Mentions: Collaboration! Our survey revealed that many of our Mojo Makers value the collaboration that occurs on all of our teams across all of our teams (which happens to also be Mojo core value

However, I think our support specialist said it best when asked what his favorite thing about working on a team...

“The people” - Nathan

Mojo Team Members

And there you have it! Our top recommendations from the professionals themselves from books, podcasts, and inspirational quotes, to tips on breaking through your creative block. You heard it here first and have been granted the insights into how our team produces ridiculous results for all of our clients! If you’re interested in finding out all the answers, subscribe to our newsletter where I’ll be featuring new answers from other members of our team every week. 


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