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Creativity in Inbound Marketing Isn’t All That It’s Cracked Up to Be

Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing

One of our core values at Mojo Media Labs is Creativity. What do you think of when you see the word creativity, especially in an inbound marketing agency? Right brain stuff right…content production, call to action buttons, landing pages, pages on your website, the awesome looking headers on your Facebook or Twitter page. It might also extend to how creative a blog is written and perfectly aligned to that buyer persona or the creativity in the inbound strategic plan. There are a myriad of ways that creativity is applied in an inbound marketing agency. In effect, it’s everyone’s job to be ‘creative.’

However, Creativity has an additional meaning at Mojo Media Labs. This is one of our images that represent creativity [put better image in blog]. (See all of Mojo’s Core Values here.) What we believe this means is to find and deliver creative solutions through problem-solving within the box. When I talk about our six core values, I sometimes say, “It’s not about the big words, but about all the small words, or the fine print.”

The fine print in Creativity is:

  • Optimize standard operating procedures
  • How can I increase value today
  • Discover new, more effective ways to do something to produce the same or better results

Optimizing Standard Operating Procedures

It is critical that we are consistently (not constantly!) optimizing standard operating procedures. Imagine if everyone in the organization improved one step each month for the next twelve months? If you have 15 people, that is a total of 180 potential improvements to your inbound marketing process. 

OK, my creativity falls on the left side of the brain, but a recent Facebook test, which I am sure was created by someone at Harvard or Stanford, put me at exactly 50% right, 50% left. 

I don’t think we should ‘constantly’ make adjustments to our core inbound processes, but I do think that everyone should constantly look for improvements to make. --Tweet this! We meet on a quarterly basis to review everyone’s ideas on how we can collectively improve our inbound processes. That is a minimum total of 45 ideas! This has reduced our complaints significantly because everyone can weigh in and be heard. Please see my blog on WBOC. Underneath all complaints is a suggestion or a request; if someone is not empowered to suggest or even think, then it’s just a complaint. --Tweet this!



How can I increase value today?

The ‘how can I increase value today’ fine print is also just as impactful. There are really only two ways to increase value in the business. OK, now I know all you marketers out there are thinking that there are so many ways to increase value. But I’m referring to ‘business value.’ The two ways to increase value are:

  • Increase revenues
  • Decrease expenses

Just like the 45+ quarterly ideas to optimize your core processes, imagine having 45+ ideas on how to increase revenue or decrease expenses! Raquel Diaz is our Project Coordinator. One of her many responsibilities in the office is to manage the coffee, tea, and water bar. We have this jigunda coffeemaker; it brews large carafes of coffee. I saw her pull the 8-cup coffee machine out the other day and said, “We can save money by brewing less coffee in the afternoon.”

That was a very small thing, but we manage our client’s budget like we would manage our personal budgets. Financial literacy is a huge problem in businesses today. Everyone in the organization needs to know how his or her company makes and loses money. 

Discover new, more effective ways to produce the same or better results 

The last of the Creative fine print involves activities tied to results. See my blog on T.R.A.V. In short; I believe value and results are indirectly related.

T = Time, R = Results, A = Activities, V = Value.

inbound marketing

As an agency, we convert our client’s budget (client currency) into time. We then invest our time (agency currency) in the activities that will deliver the most value. The budget to time conversion rate can’t be too big or too little, but must be juuust right. Too little and we might not deliver either value or results. Too big and we might put the agency profitability at risk.

Just right is the key. And “just right” is the amount tied to the core value of Creativity. We must be creative enough to strategize then execute the proper level of marketing activities to deliver value, but also produce the desired results. This requires the involvement of the entire team looking for ways to be more efficient!

Creativity is critical in an inbound marketing agency. Creatively solving problems is critical to the business of inbound marketing. 



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