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Country Leisure Case Study

Country Leisure, a well-established company came to us looking for a fresh, new look and message. The goal of the rebrand was to increase their marketing efforts while raising public awareness of their products.

Country Leisure has been in business for 30 years and has established themselves within the market. We were presented with the unique challenge in creating an updated brand that wouldn't lose their current client base. The desired result was an updated look that would appeal to a newer, wider demographic.

With the location of their building facing I-35, the goal was to create a simplified, clean and memorable logo for drivers. The logo incorporated blues and oranges to subtly tie in the water and outdoor products sold in-store.

From logo design and marketing collateral to web design with custom photography, copywriting, social media advertising and public relations, Mojo Media Labs has had a great experience creating and managing it all. 

Since the rebrand, Country Leisure has hosted several events at the business, connecting with the local community and OKC metro. They've been supportive of the new branding and marketing plans while we've enjoyed advertising their business in several publications and online platforms.


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