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Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: What to Expect

Inbound Marketing

In February, Google rolled out their new AdWords inventory-aware enhanced campaigns, which allow users to customize search campaigns based on factors like prices, descriptions, landing pages, and inventory levels. AdWords legacy campaigns are set to be automatically upgraded to the new enhanced campaigns by July 22, 2013. Google has recommended everyone upgrade before the switch on the 22nd. If your campaigns are not upgraded before that date, AdWords will update them for you using a series of default settings.

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect for your legacy campaigns if you decide to let them upgrade automatically:

Legacy campaign device targeting
Default mobile bid adjustment
Any campaign that targets computers
Set based on bids from similar advertisers
Campaigns targeting tablets only
Set based on bids from similar advertisers
Campaigns targeting mobile devices only
+0% (same bids across all devices)
Campaigns targeting tablets and mobile devices only
+0% (same bids across all devices)


According to Google, all automatically upgraded campaigns will be configured as if they were new AdWords campaigns targeting customers across all devices. With your new enhanced campaign structure, your bids will need to be adjusted for mobile using the bid adjustment tool. This allows you to increase or decrease bids depending on the devices you prefer to target, which will allow you to influence ad position and click volume in a more controlled way.

For more information on special cases that may have different upgrade default settings, please reference the AdWords Help Center.

Bryan Scott

Bryan Scott is a digital marketing engineer and is the Senior Inbound Marketing Specialist at Mojo Media Labs, specializing in SEO and content marketing strategy for businesses both large and small. Bryan has used his talents to develop and implement email marketing strategies, curate and create content, inspire social media interaction, and manage multi-million dollar inbound/outbound marketing channels for companies like RackSpace, Apple, Inc., and PoolSupplyWorld.com.




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