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The Building Blocks of Nurturing: Integrated Content Delivery

Inbound Marketing

Strategic Demand Generation: An Infographic

Inspired by Content Marketing Institute’s webinar “The New Model of Integrated Content Delivery”, one of our graphic design interns created this sweet infographic to illustrate the building blocks of strategic demand generation.

On Wednesday, July 17th Content Marketing Institute hosted a webinar discussing The New Model of Integrated Content Delivery presented by Carlos Hidalgo, CEO of Annuitas, and Mark Bernstein, Director of Marketing Content Manager for ON24.

Lead Generation Through Demand Generation

Marketing is changing, it’s plain to see. Marketers need to implement new methods to drive their lead generation programs if they wish to stay relevant. The new model of integrated content delivery provides a modern demand generation model for efficient lead generation through a buyer-centric nurturing program. Carlos Hidalgo emphasizes the importance of taking a strategic approach for modern demand generation, citing that the buying process has changed, and a tactical approach simply does not satisfy the buyers needs.

The customer nurturing process is the most vital step in the lead-to-revenue process for any business. Too often businesses lack a defined demand process that drastically hinders their conversion process. You have to take the time to nurture buyers at their pace before pushing them down your funnel.

The building blocks of nurturing

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