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Michael Rose ROE Powers ROI @brownbooks

A scientist by training, an author by nature, and an entrepreneur by will, Michael Rose drew from his life experiences to create a new communication methodology and ultimately his book, ROE Powers ROI™: The Ultimate Way to Think and Communicate for Ridiculous Results.

Michael Rose grew up in a hardworking, entrepreneurial family; his parents owned several businesses in the small town of Brockway, Pennsylvania. From a young age, he was focused on customer service and satisfaction. Michael's earliest memory is of standing next to his father, observing the intricacies of running a small business and learning the importance of treating all people with respect.

By age nine, it was apparent that Michael had a knack for working with people, and he began taking on significant responsibilities. His first job involved running the cash register, and his father taught him how to make every customer feel special. Michael notes, "While most kids got their lessons in good manners in their parents' living room, I learned my manners in the form of customer service skills at my parents’ business."

By age thirteen, Michael was managing the schedules of employees. He even started several businesses before graduating from high school. After graduating, he decided to explore other career options and attended Texas Wesleyan University as a pre-med student majoring in biochemistry. By his senior year, he’d decided against medical school and instead went into research and development as a scientist at Alcon Laboratories.

Still searching for the right fit, Michael attended law school at night while working at Alcon in order to study intellectual property law. After his first year of law school, he decided to start a small business and began to research opportunities and purchase equipment while still working at Alcon. He put law school on hold, and within five months he was making six-figure sales as business grew rapidly. He resigned from Alcon and began pursuing his business full-time.

With that, the early versions of the ROE™ (Return on Energy®) methodology and a lifetime of experience started to come together. Because ROE was designed in the real world, it continued to develop over time as Michael drew from his life experiences to assemble a refreshing methodology. With ROE, a better way to organize business, think, and communicate came together. Michael comments, "When I started to put the pieces together, it immediately brought clarity. ROE gave reason, form, and structure to what I was doing."

His family and friends even began to notice a change, and his wife Nikole soon urged him to publish his trade secret. Her encouragement gave Michael the incentive he needed to begin working onROE Powers ROI™: The Ultimate Way to Think and Communicate for Ridiculous Results.

Michael notes that with ROE, he's broken the code of business. "Once you adopt ROE and are disciplined enough to put it into practice, it will change the way you think and communicate, both at a personal level and in your position, whatever that seat might be, in any conceivable organization," Michael says.

Michael is the founder of Return On Energy, Inc. and the CEO of Rose Group Companies. He and his family live in Southlake, Texas. He serves on the board of directors of the Pro Players Foundation, is a long-standing member of the Entrepreneur Organization, an adjunct professor at Texas Christian University, and a guest speaker at Southern Methodist University. His business office is located in Las Colinas, a suburb of Dallas.

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