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Books, Bowling and Pub Crawls

We started the book club in our office to encourage reading, learning and thought leadership.

And last quarter, a particular book was a hit among coworkers, "Everybody Matters" by Bob Chapman

This autobiographical style of the book included stories and examples from the author, detailing his personal journey with the company. It shed light on the human side of growth, change, challenges and success -- which many of us could relate to compared to traditional business reading.

Our book club is fantastic because it's open to everyone without the pressure of deadlines. We have a library available right here in our office and everyone is always giving great recommendations. Once you've completed a book and have had time to reflect, you submit a report and submit lessons, highlights and your favorite quotes with the team.

"Everybody Matters" resonated with me so much because:

  1. It's how people should regard their fellow human beings.
  2. Our team wants people to do well, and that passion drives our approach toward work.

This quarter, we adopted a concept from the book and created the Employee Happiness Program (EHP).

This program focuses on providing a positive career experience that fulfills employees. This includes benefits, how we can grow them, and what we can do to bring more fun into the office. An idea that recently came to the EHP was Wii Wednesday. A team member had moved to a new house and still had his Wii in a box -- making it convenient to bring to the office. The game system was easy to connect to our office monitor. Once we drew names and filled match-ups in the tournament bracket, we were ready to go!

We shared the event with the team at our weekly meeting and two days later, had fun taking part in some friendly competition. The games were quick and easy to conduct. There was a winners' bracket and a losers' bracket so each team had the opportunity to play a couple of times.

We awarded the biggest loser and the overall winner with a Starbucks gift card. We went live during the competition and shared the experience in social media afterwards.

Another idea the EHP came up with was the Productivity Pub Crawl.

A pub crawl during work hours was all our team needed to get excited! A team member caught wind of this in a podcast and we thought it'd be a fun way to break up the day by visiting a variety of local establishments. We started our day at a local coffee shop with our weekly meeting, then set off with the rest of our projects for the day. We work in fairly close quarters in our office, but this was even closer! 

After a few hours at the coffee shop, we headed to a lunch location. After eating, we visited a new dessert place in town and then headed to our afternoon work spot. The day flew by and our productivity was in full force! Our team had an amazing experience and we're looking forward to the next event.

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