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Google Authorship: The Future of Content Marketing?

Inbound Marketing

Anonymity has no place in the future of content marketing. And that future is no longer a “someday” to be speculated upon. No longer a prospective “when”, but an ever present now. Our lives are more open than they’ve ever been. Data is more available than it’s ever been. Globally, people are more connected to one another, to the products they consume, and to the businesses with whom they choose to interact than at any time in the history of human civilization. More and more, people want to connect with the people who create the content that they consume. This trend--read “the way things are going to be from now on”--has major implications for your business moving forward. Today, and every day after that, anonymity online is becoming increasingly synonymous with irrelevance online. Therefore, you cannot afford to ignore the impact that authorship will inevitably have on your content marketing efforts. Not just on your blog, but in relevant areas across your entire site. And it doesn’t stop there. Authorship means taking ownership of all of the content that you produce online. . .everywhere.

Really, I’ve Heard That “Author Rank” is a Myth. Wouldn’t My Efforts be Better Rewarded by Focusing Them Elsewhere?

Believe me, I know there are myriad SEO, search marketing, content marketing, and various other “experts” who will tell you that authorship markup is a waste of time. They’ll tell you that rel=”author” is not currently a consideration factor for search rank or relevance, and that “Author Rank” does not exist. Do not listen to them. Whether or not authorship is currently a consideration factor in your website’s search rank or relevance where Google’s (or anyone else’s) search algorithms are concerned completely misses the point. Our job as entrepreneurs, business leaders, and marketers is to live in the future--to anticipate trends. If you want to stay ahead of the relevance curve you need to implement rel=”author” now, and correctly. Anybody that tells you otherwise isn’t seeing the forest for the trees. It’s simple markup that takes only a little time to put into place, and the potential benefits are enormous.

You Keep Talking About the Benefits of Authorship Attribution. . .What Are They?

The value of authorship attribution goes way beyond a simple photo snippet next to your content in the SERPs. Authorship is important, because it allows you to build your business’s authority online by creating networks of verified contributors who can then carry that authority with them everywhere they go on the web. The idea here is to permanently verify the authenticity of your work in a highly visible way. This will make your content instantly identifiable to searchers, which will help to build the trust-based relationships that ultimately result in higher click-through rates, more qualified leads and faster conversions. Additionally, it’s a perfect solution to many of the authenticity problems inherent in guest blogging and social media communities. By establishing the authenticity of content, rel=”author” allows content contributors to build their personal brand online, making them singular recognizable voices within their, or their company’s, niche. Searchers will automatically know that the content they view from your verified sources is both legitimate and authoritative. Your business wins by extending its reach. Your contributors win by gaining a powerful digital thumbprint that enables them to carry their work with them forever. And searchers win by being able to easily find authentic and authoritative information.

Get On-board and Get Found Online

The future of searchable content is here, and the infrastructure is being built right beneath your feet. We are headed toward a completely transparent search and authorship model. your business needs to embrace it. I understand that in today’s marketing landscape the time it takes for tech fads to emerge, shift, and fade into obscurity can be counted in milliseconds. But I can tell you emphatically, right now, transparency is not a fad. It is a permanent fixture of the marketing universe. Implement rel=”author” now, and gain a head start on those who’ve ignored the proverbial writing on the wall.


*Have a blog, a website, and fragmented social media tie-ins that aren't connecting with your target audience? Are you having trouble implementing authorship as a part of your existing content marketing strategy? You may need to outsource your efforts to a qualified content marketing specialist. Contact Mojo Media Labs for more on how an effective content marketing strategy, based on trackable metrics, can improve your marketing ROI and increase your business’s bottom line.

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