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Arianna Huffington Has A Snake In Her Garden

Inbound Marketing

LIVE BLOG: Arianna Huffington at Inbound 2013

This is what I and most of the folks from Mojo Media Labs have been looking forward to here at Inbound 2013:

From Politics to the Boardroom: Fearless Leadership

I cannot confirm but am pretty sure that 99% of Inbound 2013 attendees are sitting around me in the auditorium awaiting the uber-fabulous Arianna Huffington. Yes, I'm a fan.

Hold up. There's an opening act?

Anil Dash, co-founder and CEO of Thinkup is telling us a poignant story about how he was raised in India and how the neighboring village of 80+ people were wiped out by cholera--simply because they lacked access to clean water.

Hubspot's integration of Charity Water into Inbound 2013

Charity Water has a very noticeable and I think incredibly important and impressive (thank you Hubspot) presence at Inbound 2013. Mojo Media Labs participated in a quick event yesterday where we carried water and Hubspot donated $45 to the cause. Many people carry these water cans for miles to provide water to their families. Sharing this Charity Water video is the best way to get the word out.

It's important to reiterate how impressive it is that Hubspot has integrated the cause of Charity Water into their Inbound conference this year.

Arianna takes the stage with her famous accent in tow

"For those of you who have not heard me before, this accent is real."

...and the audience is already hooked to Ms. Huffington's speech. The "accent" works.

Leadership is a bit of a split screen world:

The first screen

The smart, highly educated leaders making bad decisions fueled by corporate burnouts working 24/7 for the corner office and a heart attack at 50.

The second screen

This is a smaller group of people and companies that realize we need to find a way to renew ourselves in order to be creative leaders. MANAGE FOR CREATIVITY. Think Steve Jobs' zen and Bill Gates' *think weeks*.

People are afraid of seeing things, afraid of the silence

Walk the streets with your iPhone in your pocket every once in a while and take the world in. And furthermore--give of yourself to the world and to causes like Charity Water. This is the way to have a full life.

Get some sleep. The greatest minds were great nappers.

Think Leonardo DaVinci and Winston Churchill. The Huffington Post has nap rooms. And they use them. Quite successfully. Sometimes in pairs.

How to cultivate great leadership

If we are going to cultivate leaders: first of all they need to see the iceberg before the Titanic hits it. Good leaders are connected to their own wisdom and the only way to do this is to be connected to your own life, your family, your thoughts. This is how to be an effective leader. Be "inbound". Not just with your inbound marketing, but be introspective. Know yourself.

Combine the ancient and the modern because it's very powerful.

Just because we're bringing in new things, doesn't mean we need to completely leave the old behind.

Leadership starts in the bedroom actually--not the boardroom.

Make it a technology free zone. Read real books in the bedroom. Create "...an atmosphere for disconnecting from your day." Don't brag about how you're getting through your day on only four hours of sleep. Get eight hours and be more productive, more interesting.

There's never enough time?

When you include your life, family into your daily business pursuits the absence of time disappears. Or [big laugh from audience] you can "...complete a task by dropping it." Give a message to your subconscious that the task is done. Learning to ski taking too much time? Don't learn to ski. Read a book by the fire...or get more sleep.

Don't be afraid to walk away from tasks because more often than not, when you do this, another (better) opportunity presents itself. Something is always going to happen to you. It may seem obvious, but it's true. Great leaders can take adversity and make something of it.

"Holding grudges is like drinking poison."

"Living well is the best revenge."---"not true." Because this is based on the way other people expected you to live. You can't live anyone else's life.

"Failure is a stepping stone to success." - Arianna Huffington's mother

As leaders we need to be willing to create teams that may fail. If you're not willing to do that, you're not willing to do something great. The system of quarterly earnings is not following this thought. Instead of leading your company for growth, progress, you're leading your company for Wall Street. Going public is the worst thing you can do because when your company goes public, you don't get to do things your way. This is why the United States is #10 in upward mobility.

So if you do go public, do it your way.

Technology: hyper-connectivity is like having a snake in your garden.

Too many people are born mobile. Children grow up with an iPhone in their hands. Children today lack a memory of what it was like before smart phones. Check out the "Screen Sense" section of The Huffington Post.

No one should be expected to respond to emails in the evening or over the weekend. Hyper-connectivity creates a culture of burn out. The Huffington Post is about to grow from 8 countries to 15--based on staying away from burn out, hyper-connectivity and plenty of sleep.

What is your "Wake Up Moment"?

What will make you decide that you need more sleep? "It's time to sleep your way to the top."

What is the moment in your career that made you realize you needed more sleep? You needed to be more connected...to your family, your life? Do more yoga? Allow your employees to balance their lives.

"It's not just about 'leaning in'. It's about leaning back. To recharge. Then lean back in."



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