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Introducing Sidebound Marketing: The Strategy of the Future

Inbound Marketing

At Mojo Media Labs, we’ve helped our clients enjoy tremendous success with inbound marketing over the past several years. Inbound is all about attracting customers with relevant content and interactions, then nurturing them into becoming customers. It’s an effective strategy, for sure, but it’s time for a change.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that, as of today, Mojo Media Labs is a Sidebound Marketing Agency. After years of careful research and data analysis, we’re 100% positive that sidebound marketing is the strategy of the future.

What is Sidebound Marketing?

Sidebound marketing is the natural progression from outbound marketing and inbound marketing. Where outbound marketing involves pushing your brand’s message out to people and inbound marketing involves bringing people in based on messaging, sidebound marketing puts your message to the side, helping people avoid it completely.

Exciting, huh? Here’s what the sidebound marketing methodology looks like:

Avoid .png

By avoiding the people that might be good customers for your business, you take the pressure off of yourself to market effectively and take the pressure off of them to interact with your business.

Effective Sidebound Marketing Tactics

Sidebound marketing is all about keeping your messaging and prospects separate from each other. People obviously aren’t going to do business with you if they’re aware of what you do and how it could potentially help them. Here are a few effective sidebound marketing tactics for you to consider:

  • Social avoidance: According to a recent study, people are 10 times more likely to become a customer if your business has an official social media page. Consider creating an anonymous account instead.
  • Calls-to-Inaction: Give people a reason to avoid interacting with your brand. Having large blank spots on your website or random boxes of color are a great way to inspire people to inaction.
  • IDC: Some may say that a CRM is the best way to analyze customer data and lifecycle stages, but sidebound marketing relies heavily on an I-Don’t-Care (IDC) spreadsheet. It dictates all of our sidebound marketing tactics. 

These are just a few tactics; there are countless ways to avoid people. You just have to think strategically and put your plan into action.

Why You Should Hire a Sidebound Marketing Agency

Of course, you could try sidebound marketing yourself, or you could outsource it to an agency. As the first Sidebound Marketing Agency in the country, we’re your best (and only) option to implement it effectively. Schedule a consultation with us today to see why we’re the self-awarded Plutonium Partner of the Year.

*In case you didn’t catch on, this is an April Fools joke.

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