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A Preface to My Inbound Experience

Inbound Marketing



When I think about my expectations of working at an Inbound Agency, I have to say I have none.  At all.  Zero. This is because I don’t want to place a single limitation on my experience at Mojo Media Labs. That being said, I’m very inspired by this realm of expertise.  

I see myself comprehending Inbound Marketing on a scientific and mathematical level. I see myself making a significant impact on real-time results.  I see my clients viewing their marketing efforts a bit differently than they do now. I see myself understanding exactly where visitors are coming from and which emotional stimulus are leading and converting each visitor to and through their path to a customer. I’ll know every vertical’s audience. I’ll see all common denominators in the decision making process.  After all, we’re human.  We have that much in common to start. 

I’ll know what each person loves and what moves them to make the best choices for their life, for their family, and for their businesses. I’ll heighten my senses around Inbound, so I can then teach my clients to understand the same. Our CEO, Michael Rose, is right on point when he relates Inbound Marketing to hiring the right people for your company. In this post, he explains how “…your knowledge of your candidates will show you the best way to make contact with them.”  This relates entirely to my passion for Inbound. With knowing your audience, you’ll know exactly how to bring them in and how to make them feel at home. 

In my past Marketing life, the majority of my focus was on Demand Generation through quirky, attention-getting, guerrilla marketing campaigns and I loved every minute.  I received a healthy dose of Inbound, and over time I found myself ready for much, much more.  I’m eager to see all of Inbound Marketing from 29,029 feet.  I’m eager to see the power of organic traffic, and how the quality of leads affects the pipeline and sales cycle.  This will give me the ability to refine my processes to achieve optimal results. 

I have zero expectations for working at an Inbound Agency, which allows for my inspiration to take a greater course. Without expectations, my mind is open to experience Inbound at greater depths.  I won’t bias my experience based on what I think I already know. I will use my experience as a map to drive, but whether I turn right or left, or make a complete U-turn, will depend on the data of Inbound’s approach.  (Not to mention, I’m horrible with directions anyway and I work way better with landmarks). 

Seth Godin ranks in my top list of “Favorites” when it comes to insight and perspective. It’s in this post that he reinforces my “limitless” mentality. His experience nudges us to “show it can be done, but don’t insist that it be done precisely the same way you did it.” This is the foundation of my Inbound approach, and it’s here at Mojo Media Labs that I’ll experiment with this to create some really ridiculous results.


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