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6 Ways to Fight Traffic Plateaus

Inbound Marketing

Here's a healthy scenario to mull over. Let's say you're blogging like a champ, you're rocking your social media, you're staying on top of search trends--basically following the cardinal rules of online marketing so much you might as well be a monk--and then, for whatever reason, you hit a rut: your traffic is stagnating at last month's levels, your lead gen is as bland as white rice and you feel like you're tossing darts in a dark room.

If this sounds familiar to you, just keep calm and carry on. Here's 6 ways to get the traffic monkey off your back.

Reevaluate Your Keyword Strategy

Words of wisdom: Sometimes we don't consider that the external problem might be coming from within. (And what's good for the website is good for the soul. Who said we aren't deep?)

If you're a marketer, human or otherwise, don't fall victim to keyword routine. If you stick with the same keyword research techniques day in and day out, pretty soon they won't be effective anymore. Your keywords will get dull, and so will your traffic. Spice things up a bit, maybe bring a third party keyword tool into the mix. Do something out of the ordinary. Experiment a bit with a crazy idea. Look online for newer articles about keyword research. Ask your attractive neighbors what sort of things they like putting into search engines. Keywords should be fun, not an obligation. If only I could come up with a good analogy for this.

Guest Post on a Well Known Blog

Guest blogging is the age-old cure everyone seems to ignore. Posting an article on a well known blog can do wonders for expanding your readership. If a lot of people see your post and like what they read, they might look for more articles from you so they can keep in touch with your charming personality in their day to day. The second benefit is that more often than not guest bloggers are allowed to link back to their own website in the author bio, establishing one of those highly-coveted backlinks that can give your SEO a shot in the arm.

It's easy enough to do, but the excuse we often hear is that bloggers just don't have time to keep their own regular blog and make extra posts on top of that to submit to other websites. That's fair, but if you really are stuck in a rut, you won't lose much by skipping a day on your own blog and going somewhere else. The benefits are often worth it. If you're stuck on where to post, don't be shy. If you find a blog that's highly trafficked, chances are they have guest posting guidelines somewhere on their website. If they don't, click through their archives a bit and see if they have a wide variety of authors--this is an indication that they accept guest posts. Just make an inquiry and send along your article. The worst they can do is say no.

A good resource for this is MyBlogGuest.com. We turn there sometimes to find guest authors when we want them, and they've got a great system in place for you to pitch your content.

Build Backlinks through Commenting

Writing good content for marketing is a bit like writing good prose. The best way to improve your writing is to read. So take a break and find some other bloggers in your industry. See what they're talking about, what pulls people to their blog, how they're unique. Then leave them a comment that contributes to the discussion.

We've talked about building backlinks before. It can be a powerful way to boost traffic. When you comment, leave a link that heads back to your own website. If people are interested in what you have to say, and you aren't being spammy, they might follow you back to your own site to read more. It happens all the time, and it helps encourage discussion on blogs. Additionally, if the blog has DoFollow enabled, the hyperlinks you leave will be counted by google as indicators of authority and improve your overall SEO.

Just don't get tempted into blackhat practices. Using software or purchasing services that spams your link across hundreds of blogs is the fastest way to be severely penalized by search engines. Just let things happen organically.

Refresh Your email Campaigns

Now might be the time to reconsider how you approach email. If you automate everything, it's easy to fall back into routines and let the system run for months on end. Every month or so examine what's going on with your open rates and click throughs, and if your email nurturing is actually contributing to customer conversions. If it isn't, try rewriting content or trying a new approach. Do you have a monthly newsletter that recaps your blog? Make one. Have you considered taking your best article of the week and sharing it with the contacts in your database? Reaching out repeatedly--but strategically, and mindful to your leads' spam tolerances--can be a powerful way to get them to return to your website and consider your services again.

Launch A New Content Offering

If visitors aren't converting, give them a reason to convert! Get a new ebook out there, do a webinar or three. The more you offer, the more you can promote through your social media, the more people hit your landing pages, the more customers you have at the end of the year. It's an ongoing process. Like lead nurturing, "set it and forget it" is never a best practice. Take a moment every so often to consider what sort of content you aren't offering. If you identify what you don't have--a case study, a fact sheet, a pinterest account--then you know what direction you need to go in. Cast a wide net with your content. It can only help.


One of the most effective (if uninteresting) ways to boost your traffic and conversions is to launch a new PPC campaign. Don't consider it an expense--consider it an investment. PPC should always drive revenue, if it isn't branding focused. There's no reason it shouldn't. It's the most risk free way to advertise in any market. You control your expenses daily, set your costs, track conversions, and have a half dozen metrics that will indicate success. If your PPC isn't leading to money in-pocket, you need to reevaluate your landing pages, campaign goals, and ad configuration. No excuses.

Have a question about driving traffic to your website? Feel free to contact me by going to Contact Mojo, and I'll sit down with you on the phone or a GoToMeeting for a comprehensive 30 minute consultation for free. No sales pitches. No catch. Promise. I'm serious about helping businesses grow, and I have fun doing it. It's the Mojo way.

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