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4th of July Engagement Ideas for Growing Businesses

Inbound Marketing

I spend a lot of time researching content for social media and blog posts, for a variety of clients. Most days, linking relevant industry news and landing page offers are easy ways to engage your audience on social media and build authority for your web presence. But on holidays, I like to mix things up.

Holidays have always been somewhat of a vacation for advertising departments- consider the nearly century-long campaign by Coca-Cola around Christmas. Those sweet Santa cans only show up for a few months each year, and the campaign is proven to increase sales. Holidays give marketers an opportunity to branch out and try new branding techniques and take a break from the more strategic concerns that they have for other posts through the year. Not to mention the fact that, with proper keyword implementation, your content can gain a short term boost from holiday and event keywords.

Think of this as an action-oriented rundown on engagement strategies for businesses.

Brainstorming- Approach Holidays from a Different Perspective

Don’t think for a second that I’m ignoring buyer personae, business goals, or generating untargeted leads in my more playful holiday posts. Holidays give you a good reason to change the perspective of your blogs and social media.

Instead of starting from the pretty rudimentary thought of “What should I post today?” the universe has provided us with a great starting point already. We can restructure the focus of our brainstorming process and instead say, “How can I relate my business to the 4th of July?”

Take this example- for Fathers’ Day, I wrote a blog titled “What Fathers Can Teach us About Great Marketing Management”. By connecting traits that emphasize the goals and services of your business, and molding them to fit a unique event (like a holiday), you add more authority for your company.

Molding Your Content to Demonstrate Authority

What’s the difference between experienced digital marketers and novices? Their depth of understanding. Molding your content to emphasize unique traits shared between an event and your industry shows that you’re experienced.

How? To put it roughly, unique engagement strategies like holiday-themed material demonstrate that you know a subject so well, that you can relate it to virtually anything. For example, instead of writing a dry, technical post about Marketing Relationships, I themed it into a Valentine’s Day blog post. I found some great videos of failed proposals, bad relationship decisions, and awkward moments and added commentary connecting these moments to bad business strategies.

Three Steps to Engagement for the Fourth

Alright, here’s the action-oriented meat of the blog post. This outlines a three step process to help you simply and effectively gain traffic through the use of holiday and event keywords. By tying short-term keywords like “4th of July” to industry keywords like “digital marketing” you put your business in a better position to gain traffic during fleeting events. I’m going to give examples of the various ways to connect your industry terms to engaging content ideas for your business.

Step One

For the 4th of July, we should first think about what ideas encapsulate the experience of the holiday.

What comes to mind first are:

  • Fireworks
  • Food
  • American traditions and culture
  • Loud noises
  • Gathering people together
  • Outdoor activities
  • A day off from work

Step Two

This is where I do a similar action with the terms that encapsulate my business. One of my favorite clients to write for currently is in real estate, so I’ll use that as our example.

Some industry ideas relating to real estate could be:

  • Suburban lifestyle
  • Interior design
  • Relocation
  • Schools and education
  • Neighborhood parties
  • Mortgage rates
  • Home photos

Step Three

This is where we mash together the ideas we’ve thought of to relate the holiday and the business. This takes a level of creativity, and it usually helps to have a friend or coworker to bounce ideas off of. Here are some engagement strategies that come to mind when relating real estate to the 4th of July-

  • The Best Fireworks Shows In [your metro area]
  • Planning a great 4th of July cookout in your own backyard
  • Decorating your home for the 4th
  • How fireworks shows are like homeownership
  • Mortgage Rates- Don’t be late for the low-interest party

By using holiday and event-related keywords, and by focusing your content towards current events, your website can build traffic and authority.

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