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4 More Ways to Grow Targeted Twitter Followers

Inbound Marketing

At the beginning of July we wrote up a blog entitled “6 Ways to Grow Targeted Twitter Followers,” which quickly became one of our most popular posts. Almost two months later, we’ve picked up a few more tips and thought it would be a good time to revisit the subject. So here it is: 4 more ways to grow targeted twitter followers.


How many emails do you send in a work day? 5? 10? 20? 200? How many emails is that a week? A month? Now take that number and multiply it by the number of employees sending emails in your business. It starts to add up.

Putting your company twitter in your email may sound innocuous enough, but over time it’s a powerful way to spread the word about your company’s social media and get followed by your clients, prospects, and partners. If it’s a work email address, simply make it a requirement for your employees.


If people are following you on your other social media and they haven’t found your twitter yet, it means your social media isn’t interconnected at the level it needs to be. There’s a reason why when we create social media banners for our clients, we always make sure their twitter account is highly visible. Crossover potential can be powerful, and just because you’re being followed on one platform doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be gained from being followed on multiple. Users may engage more on twitter than they do on Facebook or Pinterest.


Twitter lists are groups of twitter accounts that are categorized by subject. Users generally create them for their own purposes so that they can organize all the people they’re following based on what they’re talking about. The thing is, other users can see these lists too.

Find a list specific to your industry and start engaging. Follow everyone on the list, begin tweeting to them and retweeting, and try to get the word out about your content. These users are much more likely to follow you than if you take a stab in the dark.


Paper.li is a newspaper you make from the great stuff you find on twitter. If you see someone post a great story or article, bookmark it on your paper.li based on different categories you can set yourself, or by “Breaking News” or “Top Stories” or whatever. When you publish it, you can notify everyone whose content you used by tweeting it to them.

This is great for a few reasons. One, if you’re following someone and they aren’t following you, if you repost one of their tweets in your paper.li, they’re going to give you a second look. Two, if your content is interesting chances are that they’ll follow your paper and share it to their own followers. It’s all about social sharing, and if followers see a value in it, they’re continue to engage with you in hopes of showing up again. In the field of marketing, paper.li rags are a bit oversaturated, but there are plenty of industries where this hasn’t caught on. Try it out!

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