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3 Website Trends on the Way Out

Is your website committing a major fashion faux pas? Here are three trends that are making their way out in 2016, and some solutions that will have your website strutting the catwalks of Milan in no time!

Autoplay Music

Okay. Let’s be honest. This is one trend that’s been making its way out for years now. But time and time again, I find myself stumbling across websites that come with their own soundtracks.


Just, no. No one deserves to have the blue scared out of their jeans in the middle of a waiting room just because you thought it would be cool to loop some ridiculous dance music to your website. THINK ABOUT THE PEOPLE!


Instead, why not try a video background. This SOUND-FREE alternative creates tons of visual interest for your site and actually engages people instead sending them into a panic looking for the volume button. Check out our home page for some video background inspiration.


Pop-up Modals

"No, you can’t have my number. No, you can’t have none of my time," TLC said it best. If you’re still trying to use pop-up modals to get leads then you, my friend, are a scrub.


Pop-up modals are literally the most hated form of advertisingSo, unless you’re in the business of trying to get some major shade thrown at you, I’d highly advise against it.



Making sure your website has a clear and concise call to action (CTA) will do just fine. If you’re doing your job in the content department, your visitors are going to want to contact you. Making sure your CTA is easily accessible will definitely be more effective than an overly intrusive pop up. Boundaries, yeah, that’d be nice. Check out Rieger Realty’s sleek pre-footer CTA.

Website Sliders/Carousels

Sorry website sliders, you can’t sit with us.


If you’re trying to use website sliders to capture the attention of your visitors, I’m telling you, it’s not going to workNo one really wants to sit around, trying to decipher what your sliders are attempting to tell them. Quite frankly, they ain’t got time for that.

If you’re trying to visually capture your visitors' attention, opt for strong professional photography. Having awesome photos really goes to show that you care about the quality of work your company provides. Adding a simple parallax effect is also a great option.  

Now, if you’re trying to provide a special offer or something of that nature, your best option is to have something static front and center. You could also make your business specials feel special and give them their very own page.

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