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3 Ways Sporting Events Use Social Media to Their Advantage

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Between meeting that pressing deadline at work and spending quality time with your family, keeping up with the latest sporting events isn’t always easy. However, with the rise of social media, sports fans everywhere are more engaged and connected to their favorite athletes than ever before. Fans are able to catch the latest updates on every sports team, game or event as quickly as if they were watching it. Here are three ways sporting events use social media to their advantage.

Points/Scores Updates:

As a UCI World Tour event, almost every nation’s eyes were watching Le Tour de France. In order to keep their fans up to date, Le Tour de France had social media accounts with Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The prestigious race also had its own website, mobile phone app and hashtag. Hashtags help track what people are saying about the event, and helps address any problems or issues at the events. Like most sporting events, Le Tour de France used social media to update the world on the status of the biggest cycling race. Social media also kept fans updated on the competition’s festivities, like their 100th Tour Celebration. Le Tour de France started June 29th and ended on July 21st.

Event Qualifiers:

The British Open Championship is the oldest major in professional golf. The championship has social media accounts with Facebook and Twitter. Social media was used to update fans on which golfers did or did qualify for the championship. Along with The Open’s website, its social media accounts regularly post about the history of the championship, past competitions and previous victors. The Open was July 14th through July 21st.

Fan Engagement:

On July 28th, three baseball legends were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. In order to get the buzz going, the Hall of Fame used social media, like Facebook and Twitter, to engage fans in the sport’s biggest honor. The Hall of Fame posts information about baseball history, fun facts, trivia and baseball records.

Engaging fans with fun facts, videos and trivia questions not only increases your website traffic, but it also helps brand awareness and equity. If you want to utilize social media for maximum results, consider working with a social marketing expert to help you interact with your audience for higher engagement and conversions.


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