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3 Things Fathers Can Teach Us about Great Marketing Management

Inbound Marketing

A great manager can make all the difference in an office. Full of experiences, turning tasks into triumphs, and clearing the way for innovative ideas, managers provide the structure in every good marketing office. For our special video Father’s Day celebration, we’re showing how fathers can teach us a lot about the philosophy behind being a great marketing management professional.

1: Promoting Team Success- Hellion First Ramp [9:02]


Malcolm and his dad spent the afternoon on mountain bike trails. Not only is this Malcolm’s first time down one of the adult courses, but he also happens to be 4 years old. There are many times when a dad acts as a leader for the team. Learning new tasks and challenging us through the ups and downs of daily life, dads can help us to accomplish more than we ever could alone. Malcolm may be young for the difficult trails he breezes through, but with the leadership and guidance of his father it turns into an endearing learning experience.

Marketing managers function much in the same way. Throughout the video, Malcolm’s dad calmly answers his questions and makes sure he’s safe. Like managers, dads provide a source of stability and leadership for a team. While a course of action may be laid out, it still takes the experience and knowledge of a manager to effectively navigate the process.

2: Prepare for the Unexpected- Whale Watching from Canoe [3:25]


Everything’s going according to plan; you’re sailing safely across a sea of content and staying on top of client campaigns. It’s been weeks since your team has had to face a marketing emergency. Then, rising from the depths, a whale of an issue. Digital Specialists are freaking out, your art department says they don’t have time to allocate to the new issue, and everyone is unprepared for this unexpected situation.

But these unexpected situations don’t have to be a crisis. When this father/daughter duo decided to spend the day on the ocean, they never expected to come within a couple of feet of a whale. While the daughter squeaks out “Oh my God dad, it’s going undah’” her father is guiding the canoe and fully in control of the situation. Sure, he’s freaking out a little bit inside; but he embraces the amazing opportunity and stays near the whale. A good marketing manager uses the same strategy, facing the challenge as a developmental experience. Staying on your toes and embracing new challenges makes for a more responsive and flexible team.

3: Learning From the Team- Jessica’s Daily Affirmation [:50]


Sometimes, a manager’s job is to simply step back. It can be a difficult prospect to leave control in the hands of your team members, but the payoff can be well worth it. In the case of Jessica, she was feeling particularly good about her life this day. Haircuts, family, school… the whole world is her oyster. Capable of facing all the challenges for the day, Jessica doesn’t need the involved hand of her parents. In the same way, a marketing manager must recognize when to hand the reigns over. Sure, Jessica is standing on the counter top and breaking down some sweet dance moves, but her unconventional methods prove productive and inspirational.

A great marketing manager walks the line between supervisor and friend. Although organizing your creative content developers can be a lot like herding cats, these three videos show how unexpected events and adventures can turn into constructive experiences for everyone involved.



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