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3 Strikes of Online Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Why You're Striking Out With Your Current Online Marketing Strategy

Yogi Berra Digital Marketing QuoteWith baseball season fast approaching, sports fans all over the country are breaking out their jerseys and MLB-certified ball caps in preparation for what is projected to be an amazing season. The players likewise are training in rigorous preparation for the up and coming season, whether they be rookie tee-ball players or professional athletes. Whether you follow the sport or not, many Americans are familiar with the basics: three strikes and you’re out, keeping your eye on the ball, the home run.

As with baseball, there are many rules and regulations that help determine the success of a company’s online marketing campaign: there are “do’s” (which will cover all of your “bases”) and “don’t’s” (practices that will surely lead you to “strike out”).

And it’s One, Two, Three Strikes, You’re Out...

In baseball, a player is seen as “out” when they accumulate three consecutive strikes in an inning. A “strike” consists of a player who either fails to hit a ball pitched at him within the strike zone (an area around the home plate and the player), swings at a ball hit outside the strike zone and misses, or hits a ball outside of the baseball field’s boundaries (a "foul ball"). The strikes seen in baseball apply to common practices used in online marketing strategies that actually hurt marketing campaigns.

Swinging and Missing

A business can potentially strike out when it fails to maintain consistency in its online marketing campaigns. Consistency means that all business sites, from the corporate website to company Twitter page, maintain a similar look and feel for the intended audience (the use of the same logo, slogan, and possibly even color scheme, for example). Additionally, to maintain consistency, a company needs to develop an up-to-date posting schedule that strategically hits on times when the intended audience is most likely to be online. In other words, you can't hit your target audience if you aren't swinging at the right time.

Failing to Swing

After creating a consistent online marketing campaign, it is important to interact with your audience. For example, if someone posts on a company’s Facebook page, that person should receive a response within a timely manner. A business that engages with its audience is more approachable than one that doesn’t. An online marketing campaign is as much about interaction as it is about posting content.

The Foul Ball

Businesses who spam their audiences on social media sites risk losing followers. If all a company does is strict advertising, followers will lose interest. Additionally, posting too often risk annoying their targeted audience.

A Home Run Online Marketing Strategy

There should be four basic ideas that every business needs to keep in mind when creating their online marketing campaign:

1. Stay Current

Keep up-to-date on exciting news and events. This includes not only what affects your business but also what interests your target audience. Posting a timely reaction to the latest current events gives your intended audience one more reason to keep coming back to your page.

2. Keep Your Audience Engaged

Thought-provoking, funny, or interesting posts provide “shareable” material for your audience to pass along to friends on their own networks. This makes your business more personable and, as a result, more approachable.

3. Words, Words, Words

Build a marketing campaign around the most relevant and up-to-date keywords. Finding the right keywords takes a lot of time and dedication, but its proper application boosts a company’s online presence.

4. Maintaining Balance

A campaign that strives towards increasing a business’ customer base rather than gain followers will fail. These campaigns come across as uninteresting and will fail to gain followers. However, businesses that are primarily follower-driven in their online marketing campaigns run the risk of having a solid online presence for the products or services they offer. Finding that perfect balance between these two extremes takes a lot of time and effort, but having the right content is the key to becoming an online marketing all-star.


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