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2 Reasons You Should Stop Trying to Get New Customers

Inbound Marketing

I don’t like the word customer. Neither should you.

Here’s the thing: getting customers is actually the easy part. We’ve demonstrated it over and over. If you have the right marketing strategy powered by solid data and executed by the right experts, customers will come naturally. Bor-ing.

Sure, the word’s in our tag line—“Mojo Media Labs: More Visitors, More Leads, More Customers”—but that’s our promise, not our goal. Goals should be challenges. You gamble with goals. If you don’t have something to push yourself for, you’ll stagnate. Revenue targets aren’t goals. They’re objectives—they’re what marketing should deliver as a baseline. (If it doesn't, talk to us.)

The real goal is to create champions. As a consultant, customers don’t excite me. Champions excite me. Stories and relationships excite me. What’s the difference? Customers are transactions in your profit and loss reports. Champions volunteer for you, becoming integral extensions of your marketing and business development team.

I’ve got two reasons you should stop worrying about getting new customers, and laser-focus your energy on creating champions over the long run.

1. Nobody was Remembered For Being Cautious

What does it mean to focus on creating champions, and not customers? It means focusing on personal attention, interaction, and customer service. Corporations can be personable. They can have personality and culture and relationships with their customers if you let them. It means letting go of the reigns a little bit and getting out of the super-strict, formal image that chokes life, revenue, and creativity out of so many businesses. Middling businesses don’t engage or show their fun side. Memorable businesses do. Memorable businesses win.

You don’t have to stop generating conversions to do this. We’re not talking about decreasing your lead gen or revenue. (We’re all about increasing it!) Rather, we’re talking about what happens when sales are so certain that you have the luxury of worrying about more important things, like what you want your business to be in the long run. That’s what should matter outside of marketing.

Listen: customers come from the right strategy, data, and execution. If you have those, customers will come. But getting champions? Having a culture people want to be a part of? That, to me, is where fulfillment comes from. That’s a real goal. That's mojo.

2. You’re Investing in Long Term ROI

Let’s talk about the cost of being memorable. I won’t beat around the bush, creating a corporate culture people want to be a part of comes with expense, but it’s an investment that yields significant return. Do you want to be Apple? Or do you want to be…

…Well, I can’t think of a comparison without champions. Point?

The cost isn’t in volume of customers. We’ve shown our clients that they can ramp up the volume of business they do and still promote an engaging culture. The investment is in time and creativity. Talking to people, giving excellent service, making sure your customers are being cultivated into a community of champions, all costs in terms of time and creative resources. Yes, that can eat into profits at first. But you know what happens once you start getting champions?

You go viral. Your word of mouth promotion—THE most effective form of marketing, bar none—increases. You have extensions of your public relations team that will step up and defend you. You have extensions of your marketing team who will go out of their way to talk about how much they like you to friends, family, and on message boards and blogs. You have a group of trusted and loyal devotees who will offer you sincere and constructive feedback on everything you do—even if you mess up.

And it snowballs.

One champion breeds another. Breeds another. Breeds another. Pretty soon, your base is a hydra that won’t stop promoting you or buying your products.

Customers don’t do that. That’s what culture does. That’s what champions do. It’s what happens when you can afford to focus your attention on what matters and stop worrying about profit and loss.

How cool is that?

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