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12 Days of Inbound Marketing for a Green Christmas

Inbound Marketing

Merry Inbound Marketing! Inbound marketing is a toy with a lot of moving parts, but they all fit together like Lincoln Logs, each forming a foundation for the next. In keeping with the season, we are offering you veritable Santa’s pack of inbound gifts to rip open and put together in time for the New Year. So warm up the horses and hop in the sleigh; we’re going over the internet river and through the search engine woods for 12 Days of Inbound Marketing.


12 Killer Keywords

Even with Google’s many updates aimed at eliminating black hat SEO practices, keywords are still at the heart of content marketing. You need to sing the same song as your prospects to get them in tune with your products and services.

11 Content Creations

Now you know what words to use, put them together in a merry melody of blog posts, videos, infographics, e-books, white papers, case studies, and other web content.

10 Optimized Offers

Your newly created content is now keyword optimized and can be used as offers to lure in prospects who are willing to trade a little of their information for yours.

9 Landing Pages

Once visitors find your holly jolly content in the search results you need to make sure the welcome mat is out when they click, click, click through to a landing page that showcases your offer. Ask for just the right amount of information in exchange for your gift.

8 Calls to Action

The visitor may have landed on your roof, but you need them to go down the chimney. Don’t hint, don’t prevaricate, don’t dance around the Christmas tree. Tell them what you want them to do! Fill out this form, click on this button, or enroll in that demo. But be nice or you will get a lump of coal instead of a conversion.

7 Social Networks

Tis the season to be sociable. You want everyone to know you have great content to share and an exciting blog to read. Promote and coordinate all your content across the social networking channels.

6 Personalized Emails

Why does a Christmas form letter from your uncle in Peoria make you want to verp? Because it isn’t personalized; it’s all about him with nothing about you. Make sure each email has the right information for that lead’s position in the sales and marketing funnel so it’s relevant. And don’t sell to your customers, interact with them. Encourage them to visit your blog or other parts of your website and leave comments and questions.

5 Nurrrrturrrrred Leeeeeeaaaaaads

In complex sales, leads don’t go from prospect to customer in one jump. You need to nurture them along and through the funnel with content optimized for each stage of the buying cycle. Find out what questions come up along the way and answer them before they get asked. And keep in mind you need to nurture the influencers, as well as the decision makers.

4 Workflow Processes

You don’t want to drop the ball on a single lead. Set up workflow processes that will reliably take that prospect through the cycle and out the end. If something isn’t working, identify what it is and fix it. Is sales not coordinating with your marketing campaign? Find a way to bring them into the inbound fold.

3 KPIs

If you don’t measure, your senior management will become very frosty because you can’t justify the investment they made in marketing. Select the right key performance indicators that result in actions rather than just numbers.

2 Inbound Links

Link farms have gone the way of grandma’s fruitcake with Google’s latest update. But if you have inbound links from authoritative and relevant sites they can add strength to your rankings.

And a Highly Responsive Website

Each day, more people access content through a device other than a PC or a laptop. Your website needs to be optimized for mobile: smartphones, tablets, and whatever the tech industry comes up with next to keep everyone’s eyes on the internet. Responsive web design makes your site look great on any device.

Phew! That’s a lot to unwrap and assemble. Inbound can seem overwhelming but if you take it a day at a time it will suddenly be implemented, filling you with joy. And it’s all worth it when you see the bright smiling faces of your C-Suite denizens at the season’s report.

If you would like all these gifts nicely wrapped into one jumbo present, give yourself the gift of Hubspot this year! To learn more about inbound marketing and what Hubspot can do for your business, download our "Grow Your Marketing Leads" ebook below.



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