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10 Things CEOs Must Know About Their Website

Inbound Marketing Website Design

On Thursday morning, February 21, 2013, Presidents and C-Suite executives met together at the Irving Chamber of Commerce to learn the 10 Things CEOs Must Know About Their Websites. Though those in attendance came from an assortment of industries, all were interested in online marketing solutions to generate website conversion rates.


Online Marketing Solutions for High Website Conversion Rates

What components convert website visitors into leads? And leads into customers? Well let's take a step back. Before you can ask yourself those questions, you have to think of how your website is going to attract visitors - and keep those visitors returning.

Know that website conversion rates won't climb from implementing only one or two campaigns. Your efforts should include online marketing solutions such as social media, SEO, drip nurturing, and making your website mobile friendly to enhance the user's experience. These are only a few of the online marketing solutions that can be implemented together to drive website conversion rates.

10 Things Attendees Learned About Online Marketing Solutions

Those who attended the event were introduced to the following concepts:

  1. Turn your website into a lead-generating revenue machine
  2. How digital conversion paths can automate lead qualification
  3. The three digital stages of the New Marketing Funnel
  4. Lead generation without drip nurturing is not lead generation
  5. The final word on social media best practices and ROI
  6. SEO: Better tactics for lower costs and ridiculous results
  7. How to dominate SEO and the user experience (UX) through blogging
  8. Why content marketing should be the beating heart of your online strategy
  9. Marketing ROI: tying budgets to results with advanced analytics
  10. How your website can be a business intelligence tool

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