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Account Based Marketing is the next major revolution in B2B marketing,  working in tandem with sales enablement and inbound marketing. By focusing marketing efforts on a few key accounts, you achieve success with content tailored to the exact individuals you need to reach.

ABM Funnel Focus on the One, Not the Many

Account Based Marketing is the perfect blend of creative and strategic, utilizing advances in technology with changes in buying habits and consumer expectation. With Account Based Marketing, you are flipping your perspective from targeting leads to targeting accounts.

This allows you to target specific organizations with highly relevant messaging that drives awareness and enhances your sales pipeline.

Put simply, Account Based Marketing is an expansion of customer-centric marketing.

Account Based Marketing generates more revenue, reduces noise so customers are more attentive to your messages over time, and leads to a better world for companies and consumers.

“You don’t hire a lead executive, you hire an account executive”
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Target the Right Accounts

The first step in Account Based Marketing is identifying the right accounts for your product or service. We use that list to craft and target highly relevant content that addresses pain points with your solutions. Enter a cycle of improvement —targeting the right accounts for you, analyzing and adapting content and strategy to better turn prospects into customers.

What's In Your ABM Tech Stack?

A sophisticated Account Based Marketing program begins with aligning the right target account lists, engaging the right people on multiple channels, and personalizing the entire account journey. None of which can be realistically accomplished without the right technology. We use leading edge ABM automation platforms like Terminus and Demandbase, while leveraging LinkedIn, our own ABM Workbook, and more. The right tech stack expands your reach faster.

Expanding the Reach Within Accounts

Once an account becomes engaged, what's next? Engagement is a combination of having your Buyer Persona(s) on point, the content those Buyer Personas need, and the budget to spend on targeted ad campaigns. This is where Inbound Marketing is important, and there’s a good reason for it. Inbound and Account Based Marketing are a team.

With both ABM tactics and Inbound methods, you easily boost reach and have the content to support the influx of leads. Both tie into one another and can’t exist exclusively. It would be like buying only a left or right running shoe rather than the pair — you inhibit your activity and lose potential for improvement, especially in lead quality.

When you have a balanced paid and owned (inbound) strategy that included personalized content aligned to the buyer persona, the quality of leads engaging with your content is better than before. They have received relevant content via paid media, email, direct mail campaigns, referrals, a social media post, or they could have discovered your company through organic search. From here, it’s easy to see how accounts smoothly transition into the Sales cycle and more easily become customers.

Take the First Step.

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