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9 Essentials for Inbound Marketing

Develop an effective inbound marketing strategy with these nine essentials.

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Buyer personas. Keywords. Traffic conversion. Are you an expert at developing these? They're just three of the nine inbound marketing essentials you need to master if you're going to get the results you're seeking.

Mojo_TOFU-LP-image-9 Essentials for Effective Inbound Marketing-1-468110-editedIf you’re not already familiar with how inbound marketing works, these essentials will help you get started. We break down:

  • How your company can get found on search engines like Google
  • Why it’s important to create personas for your ideal customers
  • How to optimize your website to make it a lead-generation machine
  • Why quality online content is king and gets people to trust your company
  • How you can measure results in real-time to see what actually works

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